Age Calculator

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What is the meaning of age?

Age can be defined as a period of the human life which is generally measured by the years. And this measurement is from the time of the birth. It means that it is usually based upon the certain stage or for that matter the degree mental as well as the physical development. In addition to this, as the people age so do the legal responsibility besides the capacity grow. There are many people who are quite confused as they are not very much aware of the fact as to how old they are.

Age Calculator

Thus, to help you out with the process of getting to know as to what is your age we have put forth a calculator that will calculate the age of a person. This is not only a free online age calculator but it is one calculator which will give the result in a very less time. But if you wish to make use of this age calculator, then you would be required to enter a few details before you get to know as to how old you are or the person whose age is being calculated. In addition to this, this online age calculator will assist one to get to know as to what their age is at present or for that matter what their age will be in near future.

Why use an age calculator?

There are many of us who tend to forget their age or a little bad at math. If this is your case then you would not have to worry as we have brought out this calculator so that it should help an individual, especially a user to get to know their age that too in very simple steps. Besides this, the age which is calculated by this age calculator is calculated & the answer comes out in not simply the years (age) but also in days / weeks / months / hours / minutes / seconds.

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What is the formula used to calculate age?

In addition to the above mentioned things, the formula which is generally used to calculate age manually has been mentioned below. This formula is used to calculate the age & one will be able to calculate their age in terms of years when the following formula is put in to use.

Formula to calculate age

\(age\,=\,date\, as\, of\, today\,-\, \frac{date\, of\, birth}{365.2425}\)

As one can notice that the formula that has been given on this page talks about the age which is calculated when the date as of today is subtracted by the result which is got when the date of birth is divided by the following number – 365. 2424

How to use an age calculator?

If you wish to use this online age calculator, then you will have to first enter the date of birth (that includes the month, date & year) & this is followed by the present date (again this is inclusive of month, date, year) before you click on the tab – calculate to know the result.