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What is the meaning of angle?

Angle in planar geometry is nothing but a figure that is formed with the help of 2 rays & these are well – known as the sides of an angle. In addition to this, they tend to share a common endpoint which is popularly known as the vertex of the angle. Another aspect which we should be aware of is that the angles which are formed by 2 rays are said to be on the same plane however, this plane does not have to be the Euclidean plane.

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How are angles formed?

Angles are essentially formed when 2 planes intersect in not only Euclidean but also in the other spaces. Hence, these are known as the dihedral angles. An individual will also have to remember the fact that these angles which are formed by the intersection of 2 curves in a plane can be defined as that of the angle which is determined by tangent rays at point of intersection. Another example can be the spherical angle which is stated to be formed by 2 great circles on sphere is treated to be the dihedral angle between those planes which have been determined by great circles. Moreover, angle is used to determine measure of angle or rotation.

Degrees to radians conversion table / Radians to degrees conversion table

Radians (rad) Radians (rad) Degrees (°)
0 rad 0 rad
\frac{\pi}{6} rad 0. 5235987756 rad 30°
\frac{\pi}{4} rad 0.7853981634 rad 45°
\frac{\pi}{3} rad 1.0471975512 rad 60°
\frac{\pi}{2}  rad 1.5707963268 rad 90°
2\frac{\pi}{3} rad 2.0943951024 rad 120°
3\frac{\pi}{4} rad 2.3561944902 rad 135°
5\frac{\pi}{6} rad 2.6179938780 rad 150°
\pi rad 3.1415926536 rad 180°
3\frac{\pi}{2} rad 4.7123889804 rad 270°
2\pi rad 6.2831853072 rad 360°

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Formula used in an angle converter

The formula that is put in to use in an angle converter is stated to be one which has been given below –

\(S \times C=E\)

In the above equation, S is said to be the starting value while the conversion factor is represented by C & the converted value that is the result is got by E.

How to use an angle conversion tool?

When you require to make use of the online angle converter tool, an individual would be required to make use of the simple steps listed below. First of all, you would be required to enter the value which is to be converted. Remember that the value should be a real number or it can also be a scientific notation.

Later you will have to select the unit in which the value is before selecting the unit in which it is to be converted in to. And when the details have been entered, you can click on the convert tab to know the answer. However, if you wish to change the values then you can also click on reset to re – enter the values before finally clicking on the convert tab. Hence, with this angle converter tool, you would be able to convert the angles easily & without any trouble.