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Area turns out to be that quantity which helps to express extent of a 2 – D figure or for that matter the shape or a planar lamina in the plane. There is another term related to area & it is known as surface area which is nothing but the area of the boundary surface.

Surface Area Calculator

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Formulae required for an area calculator

      1. Area of a circle is:
        \(A=\pi r^{2}\) where \quad 'r' \quad is \quad the \quad radius
      2. Area of a rectangle is:
        \(A=wl \) where  l is the length & w is the width
      3. Area of a triangle is :
        \(A=\frac{h_{b}b}{2}\) where b is the base & \(h_{{b}}\) is the height
      4. Area of a trapezoid is:
        \(A=\frac{a+b}{2}h\) where a & b are the base while h is the height
      5. Total area of a sector is:
        \(\frac{1}{{2}}(\frac{\theta}{\pi}) r^{2}\) here r is the radius & angle is denoted by \(\theta\)
      6. Area of a parallelogram is:
        \(A=bh\)where b is the base & h is the height
      7. Area of a square is:
        \(A= a^{2} \quad where \quad a \quad is \quad the\quad side \)
      8. Area of a polygon is:
        \(A=\frac{n}{4} s^{2}.cot(\frac{\pi}{n})\)where n is thenumber of sides & s is the length of the side (each one)
      9. Area of an ellipse is:
        \(A=\pi\)a b and here, a & baretheAxis
      10. Area of a rhombus is:
        \(A=\frac{p\quad q}{2}\)where p & are the diagonal
      11. Area of a regular hexagon is:
        \(A=\frac{\sqrt[3]{3}}{2} a^{2} \quad where \quad a \quad is \quad the \quad side\)
      12. Area of an octagon is:
        \(A=2(1+\sqrt{2}) a^{2} \quad where \quad a \quad is \quad the \quad side\)

How to use an area calculator?

To make use of the area calculator on this site, the user has to enter the values that are available in the respective fields & click on calculate.