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What is the meaning of area?

Area in simple words is nothing but a quantity which expresses extent of either a 2 – dimensional shape or even a planar lamina in that of a plane. On the other hand, the term surface area is said to be the analog on 2 – D surface of a 3 – D object. In addition to this, 2 – D analog of length of the curve or that of the volume of a solid.

Area Converter

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How can the ‘area’ measured?

As far as the area of a particular shape is to be measured, we can compare the shape to the squares of a certain size. Furthermore, as per the SI or the International System of Units, standard unit of area happens to be the square metre which is on several occasions written in the following format m2. And this also turns out to be the area of a square whose sides are stated to be 1 metre long. If we look at mathematics then unit square is generally defined to be having area 1 whereas on the other hand, area of any other shape or for that matter surface is said to be the dimensionless real number.

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Formulae related to area converter

Ares to barns (a to b) conversion

\( 1\, are\, (a)\,= \,1.0E\,+\,30 \,barns\, (b)\)

Barns to ares (b to a) conversion

 \(1\,barn\, (b)\,= \,1.0E\,-\,30\, are\, (a)\)

Barns to square feet (b to ft²) conversion

\(1 \,barn\, (b)\,=\, 1.076391041671E\,-\,27 \,square foot (ft^2) \)

Square feet to barns (ft² to b) conversion

\(1 \,square \,foot (ft^2 )\,=\, 9.2903039999998E\,+\,26 \,barns\, (b) \)

Square feet to ares (ft² to a) conversion

\(1\, square\, foot\, (ft^2 )\,= \,0.00092903039999998 \,are\, (a)\)

Ares to square feet (a to ft²) conversion

\(1 \,are \,(a)\,= \,1076.391041671\, square feet\, (ft^2)\)

Square meters to square yards (m² to yd²) conversion

\(1\, square\, meter\, (m^2 )\,=\,1.1959900463011\, square\, yards\, (yd^2)\)

Square yards to square meters (yd² to m²) conversion

\(1 \,square\, yard \,(yd^2 )\,=\, 0.83612735999999 \,square\, meter (m^2 )\)

What are the steps to be followed when using the area converter?

\(remember\,that \,1 \,square\, foot\,=\,0.093\, square\, meters \)

\(\therefore \,you\, will\, have\, to\, multiply\, the\, square\, feet\, by\, that\, of \,the\, square\, meters \)

\(hence,\,the\, formula\, is-\)

\(\Rightarrow\, square\, feet\,\times \, 0.093 \, square\, meters \)

\(OR \)

\(\Rightarrow\, square\, feet\, \times \,0.092903\, to\, get\, the\, exact\, number \)

How to use an area converter?

When you have to use this online area converter, an individual will be required to 1st enter the number they have. Later on you should select the unit as well for the number entered before selecting the unit as to which the area is to be converted in to. When the details have been entered, you can click on the tab, ‘calculate’ to know the result.

What is the use of an area converter?

With the help of this area converter, one would be in a position to convert the area from one format to another format in very simple steps. Moreover, this area converter is free to be used & is available online for everyone to be used.