Basic Calculator

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What is a calculator?

A calculator is basically a machine that will help people to solve the math problems very easily. When we say problems, it means that the list is inclusive of addition / subtraction / division / multiplication. However, there are those other calculators which have been designed in order to do square roots or even the other complex calculations. Thus, one can say that these calculators are quite helpful when it comes to solving problems.

In addition to this, an individual would be able to go ahead with problems that involve calculus or even end up drawing function graphs with the assistance of the complex calculators. Now – a – days, calculators can be found anywhere in the world. Apart from this, a smartphone or for that matter a computer can even act like that of calculator.

Types of calculators

There are quite a number of calculators which are found out there in the market apart from the ones stated above. One has to make a note of the fact that calculators usually require batteries so that they can perform the given task. However, there are other calculators which can continue their operations or even the people can make use of them. And the best example for such a type of calculator will be abacus. Another aspect of these basic calculator is that one will be able to find quite a number of ways to write the mathematics on this calculator.

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Electronic calculators

When it comes to electronic calculators, then they are also divided in to 2 types namely the simple electronic calculators & the scientific electronic calculators. Tasks such as addition / multiplication / division / subtraction are performed by the simple calculators while on the other hand, the tasks which are performed by the scientific calculator include not only factorial but also trigonometry functions.

What is a pocket calculator?

Well, with time, technology is improving & the same can be seen with this pocket calculator which is essentially a small calculator with the help of which people can go ahead & do arithmetic. As the name says it, a pocket calculator is quite small & hence it can be just placed in the pocket like the name tells us. The use of a pocket calculator is basically for the simple calculations which are nothing but addition / division / subtraction / multiplication. Most of these pocket calculators are in general powered by the solar cells. This pocket calculator is also known by some other names such as mini calculator or miniature calculator.

Scientific calculator

As far as a scientific calculator is concerned, it has been made so that it can perform quite a few advanced operations (which cannot be seen in the other calculators). A scientific calculator makes use of the trigonometric ratios besides pi, exponents, order of operations. These for the most part are programmable as well.

How to use an online basic calculator?

To make use of the online basic calculator, you will have to enter the values in the fields provided to know the result.