BMI Calculator

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What is BMI?

BMI is the abbreviation for the body mass index & this is also known as the Quetelet index. Essentially, this BMI is a value which has been received from the mass or the weight as well as the height of the individuals. In simple terms, one can state that this BMI or the body mass index is the body mass which is usually divided by the square of body height. Moreover, this is usually expressed in terms of kilograms for mass apart from the height in metres. However, one will also be able to find the other units of measurements when BMI is in question.

What is the use of BMI?

BMI has been brought to life so that an individual will be able to understand as to what will be the tissue mass which is inclusive of the muscle / bone / fat. And this has been accordingly categorized in the following terms which are – (1) underweight (2) normal weight (3) overweight (4) obese.

Metric BMI Calculation

Height: meters
Weight: kilograms
Your BMI: kg/m2

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What is the formula for BMI?

BMI’s formula has been mentioned below in not only the metric measurements but also the USA measurements.

\(Metric \quad BMI=\frac{weight\quad (kg)}{height^{2}\quad (m^{2})}\)

\(USA\quad BMI=703\times \frac{weight\quad (lb)}{height^{2}\quad (m^{2})}\)

How to calculate BMI?

In order to calculate BMI or the body mass index, you would be required to select the measurement unit and accordingly fill the details. The common steps in all the BMI measurement units have been listed here. The 1st field has been marked for the age of the user followed by the gender. While in the other fields, an individual has to mention their weight as well as height in inches / pounds or in centimetres / kilograms. When the required details are entered, click on the tab, calculate to know the BMI.