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What is BMR?

BMR is the acronym of the basal metabolic rate which is said to be the minimal rate of energy expenditure per unit time by the endothermic animals when at rest. In simple words, this BMR is the number of calories that are required for helping the body function even when it is at rest. BMR or the basal metabolic rate is said to be the body’s metabolism. Hence, if there is an increase in the metabolic weight, there will be a rise in BMR as well & one of the reasons for this increase can be exercise.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism means that it is a process where the body has to function. On the other hand, the basal metabolic rate is said to be the amount of the energy which is expressed in calories that are required by a person especially to have the body functioning when it is at rest.

BMR Calculator

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The types of these metabolism processes are – (1) blood circulation (2) breathing (3) cell growth (4) controlling the body temperature (5) nerve & the brain function. Moreover, this BMR is a measurement through which one can say whether an individual is gaining or losing or maintaining their weight. One has to also remember the fact that there is a decrease in BMR (about 1 to 2 % every decade) once they cross the age of 20.

How to use a BMR calculator?

To get the BMR, you will have to enter the height along with the gender, age & weight in the fields listed below.

Metric BMR formula

\(Women=655+(9.6\quad \times \quad weight )+(1.8 \quad \times \quad height)-(4.7\quad \times \quad age)\)

\(Men=66+(13.7\quad \times \quad weight )+(5 \quad \times \quad height)-(6.8\quad \times \quad age)\)

In the above metric formula, the weight is in kilograms while the height is in centimetres & the age is in years.