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What is meant by calorie?

In simple words, the units of energies represent calories. In addition to this, there are 2 categories of calories which have been defined. While on one hand, there is gram or the small calorie & on the other hand, it is kilogram or large calorie. The symbol for small calorie is ‘cal’ & it means that it is the estimated amount of energy which is required in order to raise temperature of a gram of water by 1o Celsius that too at the pressure of 1 atmosphere.

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However, the large calorie is represented by ‘Cal’ & it is also popular by the name food calorie. This is the reason that it is defined as kilogram. In addition to this, large calorie equals to 1, 000 small calories (1 kilocalorie or 1 kcal). As per the joule system, 1 small calorie equals to 4. 2 joules. It was Nicolas Clement who had 1st defined the word calorie to be a unit of heat energy way back in the year 1824. There have been other statements such as the one mentioned here & that is, the energy which is required to increase temperature of the given mass of water about 1o C & this depends on not only the atmospheric pressure but also the starting temperature.

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How is a calorie calculator useful?

Calorie calculator tends to be quite useful especially when the calories are to be checked which an individual consumes every day. Thus, this calculator can also prove itself to be helpful when it comes to checking out as to how much weight you have to lose or gain. One can go ahead & start using the simple calorie calculator to know as to what their calorie count is.

Steps to use a calorie calculator

In order to make use of the calorie calculator, a few details are to be provided. The user would be required to follow a few simple steps to start using this calorie calculator. In the 1st field, you will have to enter the details such as the height followed by weight. An individual will also have to select the gender. While in the next field, you should enter the age or one can also select the age from the drop down menu besides picking up the activity level. Finally when all the details have been mentioned, click on the tab that reads calculate to get to know as to what is the calorie intake per day.

Calorie calculator formula

In order to calculate calories, we would be required to use the metric BMR formula as this BMR determines the amount of calories to be taken by the body so that the routine tasks are performed. In other words, the life sustaining functions would be going on as usual. And this calorie calculator shall help you to have an understanding as to how many calories are to be taken every day.

\(Women =655+ (9.6 \times weight)+ (1.8 \times height)- (4.7 \times age)\)

\(Men =66+ (13.7 \times weight)+ (5 \times height)- (6.8 \times age)\)