Canadian BMI calculator

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BMI full form is Body Mass Index which tells you as to whether you are in right weight category or not. This BMI calculator takes in height of people as well. It is so because based on height of person and weight of that person we calculate BMI or Body Mass Index or Quetelet Index. There is also BMI formula that is given in this article. While you use BMI calculator to know if you are healthy.

Use of body mass index calculator

Body mass index calculator is a useful calculator as it tells you if you are in risk zone or not. Apart from this there is a body mass index chart to help you here. You also should understand most important fact which is that this BMI online calculator is only for having rough idea.

Canadian BMI Calculator


The reason is that your health depends mostly on kind of life style that you lead. Even your age plays important role. Therefore you take this Canadian BMI calculator as basis only. If something is not in order then you contact your physician, doctor or dietician. As they are individuals qualified to assess your situation.

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How to use Canadian BMI calculator

  • You first select either imperial or metric system
  • Next you enter height (in cm) and weight (in kg) when using metric system
  • In case you use imperial system then you enter height (in ft and in) besides weight (in lbs)
  • Once you enter these values you click ‘calculate BMI’

The time you enter above stated details you have answer on screen. You may click ‘reset’ to check BMI for other details. But for now you check below classification of BMI table. This classification helps you identify BMI category based on the result.

Body mass index chart

  • If BMI is less than 18. 5 then you are under weight
  • When BMI is between 18. 5 and 24. 9 then you are healthy as it is in healthy weight
  • Third category is for over weight and here BMI is usually from 25 to 29. 9
  • And finally there is obese classification
  • And for obese BMI is either 30 or more than that

Here best option is second one where you are healthy. Therefore you always remain healthy and look after yourself first because health matters a lot.

Formula to calculate BMI using metric system

\(BMI = \frac{weight (kg)}{ (height (m))^{{2}}}\)

Formula to calculate BMI using imperial system

\(BMI = \frac{weight (lb)}{ (height (in))^{{2}}}\times 703\)

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