Canadian GST Calculator

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Government of Canada made GST or Goods and Services Tax and this tax helps people in many ways. It is so because in Canada GST tax is multi level value added tax. Besides it replaced 13. 5 % Manufacturers Sales Tax or MST tax. This Goods and Services Tax calculator helps you to know how much you pay as GST. In GST Canada calculator you calculate GST for different provinces in Canada.

GST Canada calculator

As a result you calculate GST for Canadian territories such as Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, British Columbia, Yukon etc. You also calculate GST for Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and other provinces of Canada. And to know how to use Goods and Services Tax calculator you keep scrolling this page.

GST rate calculator


On other hand GST credit is also tax free quarterly payment. This would in turn help all people who have less income and it benefits families and individuals especially. Thus whenever you want to calculate Goods and Services Tax you can do so by using Canadian GST calculator. You even may calculate Canadian GST exclusive and inclusive prices.

Canadian GST tax rate

Before you go ahead and use Goods and Services Tax calculator you should have idea of what is GST rate in Canada. GST rates in Canada changed in 2008 therefore in Canada 5 % is GST rate. While this rate of GST has been applicable from 1 January 2008.

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How to use GST calculator Canada

In order to use GST calculator Canada you first enter a few details in fields provided. After you enter these details you get answers on the screen. Below as you can see we gave steps to use Canadian GST calculator. Hence you will know use of GST calculator 2017.

Procedure for using GST calculator Canada

  • First you select territory or province from drop down list
  • Next you either enter price of product including GST or excluding GST
  • Currently GST rate in Canada is 5 %
  • So according to this GST tax rate you see answers on system screen


You may also find an option to re enter details or change entered data. However to use this option you click ‘clear’ tab and continue with above stated process. Hence it is simple task to know GST rates for Canada.

How to check GST Canada tax rates manually

Apart from above steps there is option for checking GST Canada tax rates but for this you use GST calculator formula. This formula is as follows –

\(Amount\quad before \quad sales \quad tax \times \left ( \frac{GST\quad rate}{{100}} \quad \right )=Canadian \quad GST \quad tax \quad amount\)

So you use GST calculator for Canada to find answers to your questions on GST calculation. In addition you check HST Canada calculator and how to use it. (content to be posted).