Canadian HST Calculator

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Canada HST is another tax that is there is the state of Canada. That is why many people look for HST Canadian tax calculator. In order to help you further on this page you find one of the best HST Canadian calculators. You also know what is use of HST or Harmonized Sales Tax in Canada besides formula to calculate HST in Canadian provinces.

What is HST tax in Canada?

HST is short form for Harmonized Sales Tax and some countries in the world have this HST tax. Basically HST is consumption tax. However here you should know more important things. First is that if in a province there is Federal Goods and Services Tax / GST apart from Regional Provincial Sales Tax / PST then there is HST. It means that both Federal GST and Regional PST combine as one value added sales tax.

HST Calculator


Case 1

Alberta in Canada did not implement PST and HST. This is the reason that here Federal GST rate happens to be 5 % only. In addition to these points, there are some provinces where only subsidized GST is collected. While these subsidized GST provinces are Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. You also can notice that there are other benefits thanks to subsidized taxes.

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As a result people have extra tax concessions; whereas reason for this is high cost of living. You also must remember one more fact and it is that subsidized taxes are only for residents of north and not other residents.

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HST rates in Canadian provinces

  • 15 % is HST in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador
  • On other hand in Ontario province, Canada, Harmonized Sales Tax rate is 13 %


Canada Revenue Agency or CRA is responsible for collecting HST from all territories in Canada. You also know that this HST tax rates differ from province to province. So you check tax rates before calculating HST tax in Canadian provinces.

Moreover this HST calculator finds amount of tax that is applicable to sales in the state of Canada only. And above stated rates under HST are applicable for the year 2017 in all territories of Canada.

HST calculator use

In following paragraph you learn how to use Canadian HST calculator and how do you calculate HST in various provinces.

How to use HST calculator in Canada

  • You select territory or province
  • Second you either enter price including HST or excluding HST
  • As you type our system starts calculating Harmonized Sales Tax for that particular province

Formula for calculating Canada HST

There is also a formula which helps you to calculate HST and this formula is as follows –

\(HST \quad amount=Amount\quad without \quad sales \quad tax \times \left ( \frac{HST\quad rate}{{100}} \quad \right )\)


\(Total \quad Amount\quad with \quad sales \quad tax=amount \quad without \quad sales \quad tax+HST\quad amount\)

Thus by using any of these formulae or with help of Canada Harmonized Sales Tax calculator you calculate HST tax rates in Canada. Besides you may learn how to calculate GST in Canada and formula for GST calculator here.