Canadian Provincial Sales Tax calculator

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Provincial Sales Tax applies to different provinces of Canada. This Canadian Provincial Sales Tax short form is PST in Canada. It is similar to GST and HST but with a difference. On this page you will be able to calculate PST using PST calculator for Canadian provinces. You may even use formula to calculate provincial sales tax.

Applicability of Provincial Sales Tax

Another aspect here is that all provinces in Canada have either HST or Harmonized Sales Tax or PST / Provincial Sales Tax. But there is one province where there is neither HST nor PST (both are not applicable) and this province is Alberta.

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On other hand there is separate Provincial Sales Tax in some provinces such as British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec. In Manitoba there is RST or Retail Sales Tax whereas in Quebec, QST or Quebec Sales Tax applies.

In below given paragraphs you would find step by step process on how to use Canadian PST calculator apart from knowing formula to calculate provincial sales tax in Canada.

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How to use Canadian Provincial Sales Tax Calculator

  • First step to be taken in PST calculator is that you select one of the provinces in Canada
  • For this you may even utilize drop down list
  • In the next step you enter price in Canadian dollars
  • After this you select any one option that says ‘including PST or no’

Once you finish typing details in calculator you can see the answer below on the page. Another important point which you should keep in your mind is that Provincial Sales Tax rate as of now is 7 % in all provinces of Canada. As a result calculation of PST happens according to this PST tax rate.

Use of Provincial Sales Tax Calculator

There are many uses of Provincial Sales Tax or PST calculator. One of these uses is that you can calculate taxes on various goods and services that Provincial Government collects. Moreover this PST / Provincial Sales Tax and QST / Quebec Sales Tax are taxes on different Goods and Services in Canadian provinces.

There are some more advantages of using this calculator and it is that you get answers to your questions in very little time.

How to calculate Provincial Sales Tax in Canada manually

Calculating PST or Provincial Sales Tax in Canada manually is now an easy task and the reason for this statement is that you can follow below given formula to calculate PST –

Formula of PST calculation

Hence using above formula you will know what will be the provincial sales tax in Canadian provinces. You do not forget that currently 7 % is PST in provinces of Canada. Even idea of Canadian Mortgage affordability calculator will be an added advantage for your future. Check another article to know how to use Canadian mortgage calculator.