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What is the meaning of carbohydrate?

A biological molecule which consists of the carbon – C / hydrogen – H & the oxygen – O atoms is known as the carbohydrate. Moreover, this is usually with that of the hydrogen – oxygen atom ratio like that of the 2:1, the way it is seen in water. However, in other words, the empirical formula is said to be \(C_m(H_2O)_n\) & in this ‘m’ could for the most part be different from that of ‘n’.

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Another aspect which one has to remember is that there are a few exceptions like that of the deoxyribose, sugar component of the DNA comes in the empirical formula,\(C_5H_{10}O_4.\) In addition to this, carbohydrates can be stated to be the hydrates of the carbon. This turns out to be more accurate when seen structurally as these have for the most of the times seen to be polyhydroxy aldehydes apart from the ketons.

Carbohydrates as the source of energy

It has been a tried & tested formula & practically experienced by many that carbohydrates form the most common source of energy for a human body. Whereas in order to build not only tissues but also the cells in the (human) body, protein is required. An individual will have to make a note of the fact that carbohydrates though are the excellent source of energy but when you tend to increase the intake of carbohydrates on a daily basis then it may also turn in to fat which can be harmful to the body. Thus, it is advised to all that they take everything in proper proportion to lead a healthy life.

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How to use online carbohydrate calculator?

To make use of the carbohydrate calculator, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below, firstly enter the age followed by the gender. One will also be required to mention the height along with the weight. And you will have to remember that you also select the activity before you click on the calculate tab.

What is the use of a carbohydrate calculator?

Essentially, with a carbohydrate calculator beside you, you would be in a position to have an estimate of the percentage of the carbohydrates which are necessary for an individual in a day. In addition to this, carbohydrates are said to be not the essential nutrients. The reason for such a statement is that a human body can for the most part get energy from not only fats but also proteins. This is absolutely correct for the rest of the body.

But on the other hand, brain along with the neurons, can never be able to burn fat hence they require glucose for the energy. Even the Institute of Medicine highly recommends that people should have 130 grams of carbohydrates at the minimum on a daily basis. And this turns out to be the average (minimum) usage of glucose which one’s brain makes use of. Hence, it is recommended that people take the help of this online carbohydrate calculator & lead a healthy life.