Charles Law Calculator

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Charles Law is also named as a law of volumes and is named as an experimental gas law that helps to explain how gases move to expand when it is heated.

When the pressure on a sample of a dry gas is constant, then the Kelvin of the temperature and the volume will be directly related to each other.

Charles's Gas Law

Initial Volume(Vi):
Initial Temperature(Ti):
Final Volume(Vƒ):
Final Temperature(Tƒ):

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Thus, Volume is directly proportional  to

                                         V ∝ T or V/T = K


                V is the volume of the gas,

T is the temperature of the gas and measured in Kelvin.

K is a constant

Steps for Charles law Calculator

Charles law Calculator is expressed in the form of:

 Vi /T i  =Vf /Tf  


Vi= initial volume,

Ti= initial absolute temperature

Vf= final volume

Tf= Final absolute temperature

Substituting the given values in the above equation, we will get the specific quantity.

Problems on Charles Law Calculator

A gas is burnt into the flame at constant pressure; it has an initial temperature of 200 C and Volume of 4L. Calculate its Volume if the temperature is 360 C?

Step 1:

Given that

Initial Volume, Vi = 4 L

Final Volume, Vf =?

Initial temperature, Ti = 200 C = 293 K

Final temperature, Tf = 360 C = 309 K.

Step 2:  Using the formula:

(Vi )/(T i ) =(Vf )/Tf

Vi/Ti =Vf/Tf
Vf =ViTf/Ti
Vf = (4L×309K)/293K

Answer:  Final Volume Vf = 4.21 L