Circle Calculator

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What is area of a circle?

The area which is there within the boundary of a circle is usually expressed as the square of unit of measurement & the formula with the help of which we can find the area of a circle is very simple as it is A=\pi r^2  where ‘r’ is said to be the radius.

What is a diameter of a circle?

A diameter of a circle in geometry is nothing but a straight line segment which passes through the center of a circle apart from (to) the endpoints of the line lying on the circle. One can also say that this is the longest chord of the circle. And the formula for the diameter of a circle is d=2r

Area of Circle Calculator

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What is circumference of a circle?

Circumference of a circle means that it is the linear distance around the edge of either a circular object or the closed curve. In other words, this circumference also happens to be the distance around the circle while the formula for circumference of a circle is C=2\pi r where ‘r’ is the radius.

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What is radius of a circle?

Radius of a circle or the sphere is said to be the line segments from the center to the perimeter & the formula for radius of a circle is r=\frac{d}{2} wherein ‘d’ is the diameter.

Formulae related to circle calculator

    1. Area of a circle is A=\pi r^2 where ‘r’ is said to be the radius

e.g.\quad If \quad 5\quad is \quad the \quad radius \quad then \quad A=\pi r^{2} \quad \Rightarrow\pi 5^{2} \quad \Rightarrow78.5

    1. Diameter of a circle is d=2r

e.g.\quad If \quad 15\quad is \quad the \quad radius \quad then \quad diameter \quad is \quad d=2 r \quad \Rightarrow\ 2\times 15 \quad \Rightarrow30

    1. Circumference of a circle is C=2\pi r where ‘r’ is the radius

e.g.\quad If \quad r\quad is \quad 15 \quad then \quad C=2\pi r \quad \Rightarrow\ 2\times \pi \times 15 \quad \Rightarrow 94.24778

    1. Radius of a circle or the sphere is r=\frac{d}{2}  wherein ‘d’ is the diameter

e.g.\quad If \quad the \quad diameter \quad is \quad given\quad then \quad the \quad radius \quad of \quad the \quad circle \quad is \quad r=\frac{d}{2}=\frac{50}{2}=25  and\quad if \quad the\quad circumference \quad is \quad given\quad then \quad the \quad radius \quad of \quad the \quad circle \quad \ is \quad r=\frac{c}{2\pi}=\frac{80}{2\times \pi}=12.7324

How to use a circle calculator?

Anyone can use this circle calculator & it will only help the things to become easy. All you will have to do is enter the given values in the fields marked or select the options from the drop down menu & click on the tab known as calculate. However, if you are unsure of the values then clear the list & enter the values again before clicking on calculate.