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Decimal to Percent Calculator

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What is a decimal?

A method to manage the numbers is known as a decimal. Moreover, this is only possible when there is number 10 as the starting point or the base. There are times when this is known as the base ten or for that matter the denary numeral system. However, the word, decimal, is often used in place of period in order to point out a dot that separates position of numbers in this particular system.

What is a decimal notation?

A decimal notation is nothing but it is the writing of those numbers that too in the base – ten numeral system. This numeral system makes use of the symbols or the digits that to for not more than the 10 distinct values. These values are 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9. In addition to this, these digits are generally made use of with the decimal separator as this indicates that it is the beginning of the fractional part besides the sign symbols for positive or negative. The best part is that a rational number is expressed as a unique decimal expansion which has the recurring decimals as the ending.

What is a percentage?

In simple words percent stands for something out of 100. The symbol used for percent or percentage is %. The interesting fact about this percent is that it can be put in to use even if 100 things are not to be mentioned. As the number is basically scaled in order to be compared to 100. In addition to this, the percentage is another way to write numbers as these percentages can be written in not only decimals but also in the manner of a fraction.

Besides this, an individual will be able to convert fractions to percentages or for that instance decimals to percentages as there are a number of ways to do so. When it comes to uses of a percentage / percent, then these are quite useful as with the help of a percentage, comparison of things can happen even if they are not of the same number.

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Formula used in a decimal to percent calculator

\(\Rightarrow \, to\, convert\, a\, decimal\, to\, percent, \)

\(\Rightarrow \, decimal\, point \, is\, to\, be\, moved\, 2\, places\, to\, the\, right \)

\(\Rightarrow \, next\, add\, a\, percentage\, symbol \)

\(\Rightarrow \,let \, us \, take\, the\, example\, of\, 0.11 \)

\(\Rightarrow \, 0.11 \, \times \, 100\, =\, 11 % \)


\(\Rightarrow \, let\, us\, take\, another\, example\, of\, 0.896 \)

\(\Rightarrow \, 0.896 \, \times \, 100 \, = \, 89.6%\)

The formula that is used in the decimal to percent online calculator has been explained below with the help of an example.

How to use a decimal to percent calculator?

This free & online decimal to percent calculator is quite easy to be put in to use. All you would be required to do is follow a few simple steps & land with the answer. Firstly you will have to enter the decimal number & then click on the calculate tab to have the number converted to percentage.