Denmark Point System for Danish Green Card

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Denmark visas like Danish Green Card go through a point-based system that will be helpful in applying for a visa. Candidates need to score a minimum of 100 points to get immigration to Denmark.  This article will help you to learn about the points-based calculator for Denmark.

Denmark Point system

Denmark, it is able to get to get a work and a residential permit for an individual who is looking for job in Denmark.  In order to get the work and residence visa candidates have to qualify the points-based system. If the candidate has a residential permit under the Greencard scheme, then he needs to apply for a work permit here. Therefore, if an individual gets a residence permit by Greencard scheme, then it gives him paid or unpaid work according to their needs. However, the residence permit will not allow the individual to work as a self- employed person.

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Work Experience:

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Points based System to obtain residence permit

If an applicant who wants to get a resident permit, then he or she has to secure a minimum of 100 points on language skills, experience on work, educational level, and age.  His or she should maintain proper health insurance or must have a Danish National Health Insurance. If you are interested to know about the New Zealand point calculator than click on

How to calculate points and if the total is of 100 or more, you are applicable to apply for Green Card


Even though they mention same title about the educational courses, An academic degree is not equal to all the countries. If you are an education degree is lower when compare to Danish Bachelors degree than you cannot grade your points of education.  If applicants go for a visa than most of the Danish bachelor’s degree are 4 years than of 3 years.

Education Points
Bachelor’s degree 30 Points
Bachelor’s degree  plus one year of Masters degree 50 Points
Master’s degree 60 Points
Phd 80 points


Each and every individual has to pass four levels system model for the individuals and named as Danish Language Proficiency test for foreigners. Candidates should submit the documents that he or she passed from German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English which is equal to Danish Language test, Level 1. Each and every individual has a chance to get points in either English or German language with Scandinavian language.

Language Points
If the score is 6.5 minimum 20 points
If the score is 5.0-6.0 15 Points
If the score is 3.5 to 4.5 10 Points


Work Experience

If the applicant has worked for more than 5 years in the same field, then he or she will be rewarded with a maximum of 15 points. If they worked for a year or two in the same field, then he or she will be awarded 10 points. In the last five years, professional are working in the same field than they are awarded 5 points. 15 points are given to the individuals.

Work experience Points
1-2 years of work in the field listed positive list within last 5 years. 10 points
3-5 years of work in the field listed positive list within last 3-5 years 15 points
3-5 years f work in other category 5 points



If the person is within the specified age limit than he can acquire a maximum score. If the applicant is within 34 years, then he or she will get a maximum of 15 points of age. If he or she is 35-40 years of age, then 10 points will be rewarded for the age.

Age Points
If you are of 35-40 years old then 10 Points
34 years and younger 15 Points