Density Calculator

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Density is a term which is used most of the times & it turns out to be the measure of the mass per volume. In addition to this, on an average, density of the object is equal to the total mass which is then divided by the total volume. And as far as the object is concerned then it is made up of the dense material with less volume when compared to the object with the equal mass & which is made up of a little less dense substance.

Density Calculator


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What is the equation of density?

 The simple equation of density is as follows –

\(p = \frac{m}{V}\)   where p is the density & m is the mass while V is stated to be the volume

How to use a density calculator?

If anyone wishes to make use of the density calculator then they will have to 1st select the type of calculation as in what are the things available with them let that be either mass or volume or for that matter the density. After selecting the type, you would be required to enter the details accordingly to finally click on calculate for knowing the result.

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Formulae related to density

  1. To calculate the density when mass as well as volume is known then the following formula will come handy & that is \(p = \frac{m}{V}\)
  2. And if mass is to be calculated when not only density but also volume is available then the formula mentioned here is used which is  \(p=mV\)
  3. Finally, if volume is to be looked for when we have mass apart from density then the formula which is put in to use is \(V = \frac{m}{p}\)
  4. There is another formula that will be very helpful & it is used to find the cube root of the volume & this formula is  \(\sqrt[3]{V}\)