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What is meant by distance?

Distance basically is stated to be the numerical description as to how far the objects are. While in physics, distance generally refers to the physical length or it can even be the estimation which is dependent on some other criteria like that of the distance between 2 countries. On the other hand, the most important aspect of this distance is that the distance between A & B is essentially interchangeable with that of the distance between B & A.

Distance Calculator

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However, as far as mathematics is in question then distance function or as it is even known as metric is stated to be the generalization of concept of the physical distance. In addition to this, metric is said to be the function which finds itself to be based on a particular set of the rules. Another aspect of this distance is that it can never be negative while on the other hand, the distance which is generally travelled cannot decrease & for the record will never decrease.

Apart from the above stated terms, distance is said to be a scalar quantity or for that matter a magnitude. However, some people get a bit confused with the distance being displacement. To make things clear, displacement means that it is vector quantity which has, not only magnitude but also direction. Therefore, directed distance is stated to be positive, 0 or even negative scalar quantity.

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What is directed distance?

In simple terms, directed distances are nothing but distances which have a directional sense. These can further be determined along the straight lines besides the curved lines. Moreover, this directed distance along this curved line cannot be a vector. However, this is in general terms represented with the assistance of a segment of the curved line which is defined by the endpoints.

What is displacement?

When it comes to displacement, then it is nothing but a special kind of the directed distance which is defined in mechanics. Hence, this directed distance is known as displacement only when it happens to be a distance that too along a straight line. In addition to this, the distance which the said particle travels usually turns out to be greater than or at the least equal to the displacement. While it may be equal but only when there is another particle which moves along, well, most probably along a straight path.

There is one more kind of the directed distance which is known to be the distance between the 2 different particles or for that matter point masses at a given point of time.

What is the formula to calculate distance?

The formula to calculate distance has been mentioned below –

\(distance\,=\,speed\, \times \, time\)

How to use online distance calculator?

To make use of a distance calculator, you will have to enter the speed first thing. Moreover, an individual will be allowed to select the unit of speed from the drop down list. In the next field, you should enter the time in the hours, minutes, seconds format before clicking on calculate tab.