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What is meant by force?

The word force in a general sense has a number of meanings, but when force is to be spoken as per physics then it is stated to be the interaction which is when unobstructed will for the most of the time change the motion of a certain object. In simple words, force can be said to be the cause of an object that has mass, to change its velocity to accelerate. And this can include the beginning of moving from state of rest.

Force Converter

Mass(m): kg
Acceleration(a): m/s²
Force(F): N

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Other definitions of force

Force in other words can be defined to be push or pull. Readers will have to remember the fact that force is a vector quantity as it has not only the direction but also the magnitude. While on one hand, it is represented by F, on the other hand, it is measured in the SI unit known as newtons.

If we try to recall a bit then we will know that the 2nd law of Newton in the original form goes on to state that net force which acts upon a certain object happens to be equal to rate at which the momentum changes with time. Therefore, if mass of a certain object is constant then as per the law, acceleration of the object happens to be directly proportional to that of the net force which acts on the object; is in direction of net force apart from being inversely proportional to that of the mass of an object.

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Formulae used to calculate force in a force conversion tool –

\(F=m\, \times \, a\)

\(F(N)=m(kg)\times a(m/s^{2})\)

In the above equation, ‘F’ is the force while ‘m’ represents mass & ‘a’ is stated to be acceleration.

How to use online force converter?

To make use of this online force conversion, an individual will be 1st required to enter the numeric & then select the unit in which it is in. But you should not forget to also select the unit in which the numeric is to be converted in to. When you have entered & selected the details, you can click on the tab that reads, convert. In addition to this, with the help of a force converter tool, an individual will be in a position to convert the force from 1 unit to another unit. Even this online force conversion would take up a lot of time. Hence, it can be said to be one of the best & easy to use online force converter tools available.

Concepts related to force

Apart from the word force, there are some more concepts which are related to this 1. And the 1st in the list is thrust which means that it increases velocity of the object while drag decreases velocity of the object. There is another term that produces changes in the rotational speed of the object & this is known as torque. While stress is the cause for deformation of solid materials besides being the cause of flow in the fluids.