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What is a fraction?

When one comes across the word fraction in mathematics, it means that it is the representation of the part of the whole. In addition to this, a fraction is made up of the numerator as well as the denominator.

Fraction Calculator

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On one hand, a numerator is the representation of the number which is of equal parts while on the other hand, the total amount of the parts which are made up as a whole is known as denominator. What makes these fractions similar to the other numbers is the fact that they can not only be added but also subtracted or multiplied or divided for that matter like that of the other numbers.

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How to use a fractions calculator?

Using a fractions calculator is very easy as by using this fractions calculator, one will be able to perform various things such as the addition or the subtraction or multiplication or division very easily & due to this, they will get the answers quite effortlessly. However, users will be required to follow the instructions laid down here because if a number is not entered properly then the answer may be different. Therefore, it is advised to the people that they enter the numbers in a proper order so that there is no confusion at the end. Moreover, using these fraction calculators will make the work easy for all.

  1. Adding fractions formula

\(\frac{a}{b} + \frac{c}{d} = \frac{ad + bc}{bd}\)

\(e.g.\quad \frac{2}{6} + \frac{1}{4} = \frac{(2\times4) + (6\times1)}{6\times4}= \frac{14}{24} = \frac {7}{12}\)

  1. Subtracting fraction formula

\(\frac{a}{b} – \frac{c}{d} = \frac{ad – bc}{bd}\)

\(e.g.\quad \frac{2}{6} – \frac{1}{4} = \frac{(2\times4) – (6\times1)}{6\times4}= \frac{2}{24} = \frac {1}{12}\)

  1. Multiplying fractions formula

\(\frac{a}{b} \times \frac{c}{d} = \frac{ac}{bd}\)

\(e.g.\quad\frac{2}{6} \times \frac{1}{4} = \frac{2\times1}{6\times4}= \frac{2}{24} = \frac {1}{12}\)

  1. Dividing fractions formula

\(\frac{a}{b} \div \frac{c}{d} = \frac{ad}{bc}\)

\(e.g. \quad \frac{2}{6} \div \frac{1}{4} = \frac{2\times4}{6\times1}= \frac{8}{6} = \frac {4}{3} = 1 \frac{1}{3}\)