Fraction to Decimal Calculator

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Fraction in mathematics means that it is a part of the whole. Generally a fraction is made up of an integer numerator that is usually placed above a line & there is a non – zero integer which is placed below this line & is known as the denominator. Another aspect of this is that both the numerators & the denominators are made use of in the fractions which are basically not common. Moreover, this list includes the following – (1) compound fractions (2) mixed numerals (3) complex fractions.

Fraction to Decimal Calculator

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One can also notice the fact that a numerator represents the number of equal parts while the denominator which is not a zero indicates as to how many of those parts together make a unit. Apart from this, the fractional numbers may also be written without the use of the explicit denominators or the numerators as this is done with the help of decimals or negative exponents or the percent signs.

What is the use of a fraction?

In addition to the above stated uses of a fraction, these fractions are used to represent not only division but also ratios. And as far as mathematics is concerned then the set of numbers which are expressed in a / b form where both a & b are integers but b is not 0 is stated to be known as the set of rational numbers. Furthermore, these rational numbers are represented by one symbol which is Q. This Q stands for quotient.

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To understand whether a number is a rational number or not then you should know that it is written in the common fraction manner. While on the other hand, this fraction is used in order to describe the mathematical expressions which do not happen to be the rational numbers & the best example for this can be the algebraic fractions (which are the quotients of the algebraic expressions) besides those expressions which have the irrational numbers like that of the following \(\Rightarrow \, \frac{\sqrt{2}}{2}\) & the other one can be this one  \(\Rightarrow \, \frac{\pi}{4}\)

Formula to calculate fraction to decimal

In order to convert a fraction to decimal, the following formula is put in to use. To understand this better, we have given below some examples to make use of the formula used in fraction to decimal calculator clear.

Formula 1 – Denominator is to be expanded to be the power of 10.

\(\frac{3}{5}\, = \, \frac {3\, \times \, 2}{5\, \times \,2}\, =\, \frac{6}{10}\, =\,0.6\)

Formula 2 – Expand the denominator to be the power of 100

\(\frac{3}{4}\, = \, \frac {3\, \times \, 25}{4\, \times \,25}\, =\, \frac{75}{100}\, =\,0.75\)

Formula 3 – Denominator should be expanded to be the power of 1000

\(\frac{5}{8}\, = \, \frac {5\, \times \, 125}{8\, \times \,125}\, =\, \frac{625}{1000}\, =\,0.625\)

How to use a fraction to decimal calculator?

If you wish to make use of the fraction to decimal calculator, then you would be required to follow the set of instructions which have been listed here as well. Firstly you will have to enter the number in the numerator followed by the denominator. And click on calculate to know the answer.