Fraction to Percent Calculator

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What is meant by percentage?

Percent or percentage in mathematics means that it is a number or can even be a ratio which is expressed in the form of a fraction of 100. In addition to this, the word percentage is generally denoted by the percent symbol which is ‘%’. This percentage is more often than not has various abbreviations like that of the following – pct. / pct / pc. Another aspect of this percentage is that it is said to be the pure number or the dimensionless number.

Fraction to Percent Calculator

Percentage: %

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Furthermore, this per cent term has been derived from the Latin word ‘per centum’ which means that is ‘by the hundred’. However, over time, this word has been changed to the present percent symbol which is %.

How is percentage calculated?

Essentially, the percent value is computed by simply multiplying the numeric value of a ratio to that of the 100.

What is a fraction?

In mathematics, the word fraction has been derived from the Latin word, ‘fractus’ which means broken. The other aspect of this word is that a fraction usually represents either a part of the whole or for that matter any number of the equal parts. When the question is about a common or the vulgar or a simple fraction then it is made up of the integer numerator & this integer is above the horizontal line while the non – zero integer denominator is placed below the same line.

However, the numerators as well as the denominators happen to be used in those fractions which are not common (or do not have anything in common) & this list is inclusive of the following – compound fractions / mixed numerals / complex fractions etc. An individual will also have to keep the fact in mind that the numerator generally represents the number of equal parts whereas on the other hand, a denominator which can never be 0 & it comes forth to tell us as to how many parts this can make up either as a whole or for that matter as a unit.

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Another feature of the fractional numbers is that they can be written even without making use of any explicit denominators or the numerators. And such a feat is achieved by making use of the percent signs or the decimals or the negative exponents. While the other uses of fractions include the representation of the division & the ratios.

Formula used in fraction to percent calculator

The formula used to calculate the fraction to percent equation has been mentioned below with the help of an example.

\(let \, us \, take \, the\, following\, fraction\, \Rightarrow \frac{3}{4} \)

\( \Rightarrow \frac{3}{4} =0.75\)

\Rightarrow \, in\, order\, to\, get\, the\, number\, in\, the\, form\, of\, a\, percentage\,,\,the\, following\, formula\, is\, used\, -

\(\Rightarrow \, 0.75\, \times \, 100\, =\, 75 %\)

As you can see that in the above stated equations, a number is first taken & it is then multiplied by 100 to get the percentage.

How to use a fraction to percent calculator?

You will have to enter the numerator followed by denominator in the fields given before you click on the calculate tab.