Frequency Wavelength Converter

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What is the meaning of frequency?

Number of occurrences of an event that keeps repeating that too per unit time is known as frequency. At times, this frequency is also stated to be temporal frequency. In addition to this, this temporal frequency emphasizes the contrast between that of the angular frequency & the spatial frequency. The term period happens to be the duration of the time of a cycle in a repeated event hence it is the reciprocal of frequency.

Frequency Wavelength Converter

speed(v): m/s
Frequency(f): Hz
Wavelength(λ): m

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As far as the cyclical processes are concerned like that of the rotation or waves or the oscillations, then frequency can be defined to be the number of cycles per unit time. Hertz (Hz) is the SI unit of frequency. And 1 hertz stands for an event that has repeated once per second. This SI unit of frequency was named after Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist.

What is the meaning of wavelength?

Wavelength, in physics is stated to be the spatial period of the wave that is the distance over which a wave’s shape repeats. Hence, it is said to be the inverse of spatial frequency. This is moreover determined to be the distance between that of the consecutive corresponding units of same phase. On the other hand, spectrum is said to be the wavelengths / frequencies for the wave phenomena.

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Formulae used in a frequency wavelength converter

  1. Wavelength formula is


In the above equation, v is known to be the phase speed or the magnitude of the phase velocity of the wave whereas f is nothing but the frequency of the wave & \lambda is stated to be the wavelength.

  1. Frequency formula is

\(f=\frac{1\, cycle }{T}\)

In the above formula for frequency,T  is the period & is stated to be the duration of a cycle whereas f is said to be frequency. On the other hand, 1 cycle is represented by the following formula –

Equation for 1 cycle –

\(1\, cycle=period (in \, units \, of \,time )\times ordinary \, frequency (in\, the \, number \, cycles\,per \, unit\, of \, time)\)

How to use an online frequency wavelength converter?

To make use of this online frequency wavelength conversion tool, you will 1st have to mention the frequency followed by the frequency designation / unit & then the measure. Click on the convert tab to convert the details to that of the wavelength. However, when you feel that the details entered are not correct then you can very well click on the tab that reads – reset in order to re – enter the details before you click on the convert option. This, way one would be able to make use of the frequency wavelength converter without any difficulty.

What is the use of this frequency wavelength converter?

As a matter of fact, this frequency wavelength converter, is quite a helpful tool which is available online & free to be used. The reason is that with this frequency wavelength conversion tool, an individual shall be able to find the answer to their query in a matter of seconds.