Gay Lussac’s Law

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Gay Lussac’s Law is also known as the Pressure-temperature law. This law shows the relation between the temperature and pressure of a gas. An ideal gas is directly proportional to its absolute temperature.

Gay Lussac’s Law Calculator

The Gay Lussac’s law calculator is an online chemistry calculator and observes the change in the pressure of an ideal gas which is directly proportional to its temperature on the Kelvin scale or absolute scale.

Gay Lussac's Law

Initial Pressure(Pi):pa
Initial Temperature(Ti):K
Final Pressure(Pf):pa
Final Temperature(Tf):K

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Where P T.

Let Pi be the initial pressure.

Ti = initial temperature

Pf= final pressure

Tf=final temperature

Then Gay Lussac’s Law is given as:


Measures for Gay Lussac’s Law calculator

Read the problem that is listed out that are given a number

Use the formula.


Substitute all the given quantities in the above formula to get the required input.

Problems on Gay Lussac’s Law calculator

If the initial temperature of a gas is of 35C and it is at an initial pressure 600 Pascal, Calculate final pressure if final temperature is of 40C?

Given Ti=35C,


Pi=600 Pascal,


 By using the formula:


Final pressure =685.71 Pascal