German VAT Calculator

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VAT or value added tax is a tax that is applicable in few countries. VAT also happens to be one of the important taxes in Germany. It also is an indirect tax that authorities collect from the consumer. While in some countries they call this tax as Goods and Services Tax or even GST.

German VAT

If organisations make any sort of product or service then there is VAT or value added tax attached to it. Moreover VAT or German VAT happens to be one of the aspects of EU VAT system. (Here EU VAT system is short form for European Union Value Added Tax.)

Germany VAT Calculator

German VAT exemptions

Like other tax exemptions there are some VAT exemptions also and this is on few German and foreign business. You check below list to know these exemptions for German VAT. On other hand you may say that VAT is just like sales tax. And in the States of America you find sales tax levied on products.

List of VAT exemptions in Germany

  • Financial services like loans
  • Export deliveries
  • Services that are either voluntary or honorary
  • Services that few professionals provide such as doctors
  • Supply of goods in intra-community
  • When you let out real estate for a long term
  • Additionally when some institutions provide education they are in value added (tax) exemption. Even if institutions give vocational training then they are in VAT exemption list
  • Cultural services that are for public such as public theatres, zoos or even museums
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German VAT calculator

Calculating VAT in Germany is trouble free process as you can find out what will be value of product in a couple of steps. In further article you find steps to use VAT calculator online. However you always remember that VAT in Germany is usually 19 % or there can be reduced version of 7 % German VAT.

How to use German VAT calculator

  • First you select VAT rate that is 19 % or 7 %
  • Next you may either enter price excluding VAT or price including VAT
  • Once you start typing our system automatically calculates VAT
  • Hence you do not wait for a long time

In case you wish to look for VAT for other products then you click ‘clear’ or ‘refresh’ button so that you get a fresh page. And from there you start entering values to know VAT percentage in Germany.


As of 2017, there are two types of VAT rate applicable on goods and services. One of them is 19 % and it is 2017 VAT rate in Germany. Whereas on other hand services or goods like that of local public transport, food or hotel or even newspapers are in reduced VAT tax rate category. It is so because VAT on these products is 7 %.

Therefore it is better that you check all things properly and then only enter values in fields provided. To help you with calculating VAT manually we gave VAT calculating formula in the following paragraph. This formula helps you in a long way to calculate VAT.

How to calculate VAT with VAT formula

For calculating VAT manually you use following formula –

\(VAT \quad amount=amount\quad excluding\quad VAT\times \left ( \frac{VAT \quad rate}{{100}} \quad \right )\)


\(amount\quad with\quad VAT = amount\quad excluding\quad VAT + VAT\quad amount\)

Thus in a simple manner, you are able to calculate value added tax in the land of Germany. In case you wish to know GST tax calculation in Australia then you may check another article.