Gibbs free energy Calculator

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Gibbs free energy

Gibbs energy or Gibbs functions and also known as free enthalpy to derived it from Helmholtz free energy. Thus, it is a thermodynamic potential used to calculate the most of reversible work that may be executed by a thermodynamic system at a constant temperature and pressure. This terminology is suggested by the IUPAC is Gibbs energy or Gibbs function.

Gibbs free energy G is defined as G=H-TS

Gibbs Free Energy Calculator

Gibbs Free Energy(G): J
Enthalpy(H): J
Helmholtz Free Energy(A): J
Internal Energy of the System(U): J
Gibbs Free Energy(x) =

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Where, H, T, and S are the enthalpy, temperature, and entropy.

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The SI units of Gibbs energy is the Kilo joule (kJ).

Gibbs Free Energy Calculator

Gibbs free energy is used to check the impulse of the reaction. This energy is helpful to work with the help of the chemical reaction.

Gibbs free energy calculator calculates the Gibbs free energy (G), enthalpy (H), Helmholtz free energy (A) and internal energy of the system (U).

 Methods for Gibbs free energy calculator

Step 1:

Read the given problem carefully and observe the given measures.

Step 2:

Use the Gibbs free energy formula


Where G=Gibbs free energy,

H= Enthalpy,

A= Helmotz free energy and

The U= Internal energy of the system.

To get the best result, substitute all the given values in the formula.

How to calculate Gibbs free energy calculator

Calculate the Gibbs free energy of the following reaction:

                                  C6H12O6 + 6O2 —-> 6CO2 (g) + 6H2O (g)

If Enthalpy is – 2540 KJ, Helmoltz free energy A is 1000 J and Internal energy is 20 J.

Step 1: 

Given that: Enthalpy H = – 2540 KJ,

Helmoltz free energy A = 1000 J,

Internal energy U = 20 J

Step 2:  G = H + A – U

= – 2540 × 103 + 1000 – 20

= – 2539 KJ.

Answer:  The Gibbs free energy is – 2539 KJ.