Graphing Calculator

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What is a graphing calculator?

A handheld device or a handheld calculator which has the ability to plot graphs is known as the graphing calculator. In addition to this, there is the facility of using this online graphing calculator which is not only free but also easy to use. Another interesting fact about this graphing calculator is that these calculators are not only used to plot graphs but also to solve the simultaneous equations apart from performing some other tasks when the variables are in question.

In addition to this, most of the graphing calculator are stated to be programmable. Thus, it allows the user to create those customized programs which are for the most part used in the scientific or the engineering or applied in education. Thanks to their making, these graphing calculators tend to display a number of lines of the text besides the calculations. Well, all this is done at the same time.

What are the features of graphing calculators?

As the name itself says this graphing calculator is a multi – faceted calculator & that is the reason that these graphing calculators are accustomed to having the CAS or the computer algebra system as these are able to produce the symbolic results. In addition to this, these calculators have the ability to manipulate the algebraic expressions & thus they can be said to be used to perform operations like the following – expand, simplify or factor. Moreover, the answers are exact & never approximate.

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Where is a graphing calculator used?

A graphing calculator is also used in laboratories besides in games. These calculators can be termed to be used in numerous places & thus the graphing calculator has become the talk of the town. An individual who will be using this online graphing calculator will be able to get the results very easily as we aim to put forth a graphing calculator which is both simple & real easy to be used. However, if you wish to make use of the graphing calculator which is available on this site, you will have to follow the instructions given below.

How to use a graphing calculator?

The 1st step to use a graphing calculator is that enter the equation in the 1st field, you can also select the x as well as y – range. The units can be also be selected. An individual will be allowed to enter about 5 equations at a given time. Every user will have to keep the fact in mind that they insert the right values as only then will they get the proper answer otherwise they may even not be able to see the graph on the screen.

Another aspect to be remembered is that if you wish to get the intersection then minimum 2 values are to be entered in the fields provided. As only then the problem can be solved. Apart from this, you would also be able to view the plot points when the details have been entered in the right order.

Formulae related to graphing calculator

  1. Graph linear equations


Here, m is the slope, b = y – intercept

  1. Graph a quadratic equation

\(standard\, form\, :\, f(x)\, =\, ax^2+bx+c \)

\(vertex \, form\, :f(x)\, =\, a(\,x\,-\,h\,)^2\,+\,k\)

  1. Calculate slope & intercept of line

\(slope\,=\, \frac{y_2\, -\, y_1\,}{x_2\,-\, x_1 }\)

  1. How to graph 2 variables, linear & non – linear?

\(Ax\,+\,By\,=\,C\, \Rightarrow \,y= \, \frac{C\,-\,Ax}{B }\)

  1. Graph a parabola

\(y\,=\,ax^2\,+\,bx\,+\, c \)