GST calculator India

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GST calculator India is a very helpful tool because you can now calculate GST in India online. Moreover as most of you know GST full form is Goods and Services Taxes in India and this is new version of taxation system in this country. Now you learn more about GST in this state and how to calculate GST online.

GST India calculator

By using GST India calculator or Goods and Services Taxes calculator in India you will know how much tax is there on a particular product. In addition you understand about price of GST on different services in the country.

Indian GST Calculator

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New GST tax rates in India

But before you go ahead with complete details of calculating GST you understand that this tax is new version of taxation system in India. Therefore total tax amount is going to be different from previous taxes and that is why it is best for you if you have idea of different types of taxes in India.

GST tax slab rates

As you now know about different GST or Goods and Services Tax in India you should also remember one more point here and it is that there are five tax slab rates. Goods and Services available in India have been divided in to all of these tax slab rates so that no one will face problem in future.

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What are new GST tax slab rates?

These GST tax slab rates are 0 percent, 5 %, 12 %, 18 percent and 28 percentage. On other hand Government of India along with GST Council divided all these tax slab rates. While division of slab rates under new taxes completely depends on type of service or product being used.

In this way taxes are equally divided among all categories so that there is no confusion in future. However for now you use GST calculator that is given on this page to exactly calculate Goods and Services Taxes.

You also understand one more thing and it is that we tried our best to give correct results but we do not guarantee for exact results because it depends on the values entered in required fields besides GST tax rates selected.

How to use GST tax calculator

There is very simple technique applied here for you to use GST calculator and to help you further we clearly gave steps on process to use GST India online calculator below. So now you keep reading this paragraph to know more about it.

Online GST calculator India

  • First you enter amount in first field
  • Second you can select one of the two options that is ‘adding GST’ and ‘removing GST’
  • Third you select GST tax rate from drop down list
  • Or you may type Goods and Services Taxes rates in the field
  • Finally you click on ‘calculate’ tab
  • Thus in this way you get answer to your question of what is GST on services or products in India

What is formula to calculate GST?

There is a formula that you use to calculate GST online so by using this formula you can calculate GST manually. Below you find this formula that helps you to calculate GST taxes in India –

Formula for calculating GST manually

In case you do not wish to calculate GST manually then you can always use online GST calculator India to know or to calculate GST online.

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