NZ GST Rate Calculator

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New Zealand also has GST or Goods and Services Tax on various goods and services. Additionally this happens to be value added tax in New Zealand which depends on broad based tax system (that raises more revenue). As a result it is end users who are responsible to pay all the taxes; while this list is inclusive of New Zealand GST tax rate. You can also know how much GST applies on various goods and services with GST calculator for New Zealand.

Goods and Services Tax New Zealand calculation

On other hand there are also some exceptions here. These exceptions are rents on residential rental properties, financial services or even donations and precious metals. As a result you pay tax only on things that have added price of Goods and Services Tax rate.

GST rate calculator



In New Zealand earlier charges of Services Tax were 12. 5 %. However from 1 October 2010 Services Tax or Goods and Services Taxes rate changed to 15 %. This is why you pay 15 % as 2017 GST tax rate.

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How to use New Zealand GST calculator

In order to use GST calculator for New Zealand you enter either price including GST or price of goods and services that does not include GST. In case you have only GST percentage rate then you may enter this as well.

Once you enter any of the data then you see result automatically on screen. While there is also option for calculating GST for some other goods and services tax. But for this you select ‘clear’ tab and then enter details in fields provided. Thus in simple way you calculate GST in New Zealand.

Calculate New Zealand GST manually

On other hand there is option for calculating GST manually. However for this you use one formula. Below you can check out formula to calculate GST without using GST calculator.

Formula for calculating GST in New Zealand

\( GST\quad tax\quad amount=Amount\quad before \quad sales \quad tax \times \left ( \frac{GST\quad rate}{{100}} \quad \right )\)

Now you may without any trouble calculate GST for goods and services in New Zealand. On other hand you might even have idea of compound interest rate and how to calculate it in simple steps.