Horsepower Calculator

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What is the meaning of horsepower?

Well, horsepower is also known as ‘hp’ in the abbreviated form & it happens to be a unit of measurement of power which in turn is nothing but the rate at which the work is done. The word horsepower is generally put in to use for the mechanical horsepower (also well – known as imperial horsepower) & this is equal to 745. 7 watts while the other one is the metric horsepower which is equal to 735. 5 watts approximately.

Horse Power Calculator

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Origins of horsepower

The term horsepower was basically adopted by a Scottish engineer, James Watt, in the late 18th century when he compared output of the steam engines with that of the power of draft horses. However, with time, other words were included like that of output power of piston engines / turbines / other machinery / electric motors. As for the unit used, many countries now make use of the SI unit watt when measuring power.

Definition of horsepower

Mechanical horsepower is known as imperial horsepower & is equal to 745. 7 watts approximately. Originally it was defined as being 550 foot – pounds per second. While the metric horsepower is equal to 735. 5 watts & was earlier known as 75 kgf – m per second & is equivalent to being 735. 5 watts approximately. Besides this, boiler horsepower is equal to 9809. 5 watts & it was once upon a time used to rate steam boilers. This happens to be equal to 34. 5 pounds of water evaporated every hour that too at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

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In addition to the above stated definitions of horsepower, 1 horsepower to rate electric motors is equal to 746 watts whereas 1 horsepower to rate Continental European electric motors is equal to 735 watts (one has to remember that this Continental European electric motors had dual ratings). Finally, 1 British RAC or the Royal Automobile Club horsepower essentially equals to the range of values which are based on the estimates of different engine dimensions. Moreover, this is one of those tax horsepower systems which is adopted across Europe.

Formula used to calculate horsepower

The formula which is used to calculate horsepower has been given below & this is the formula which Watt had defined years ago.

\(P=\frac{W}{t}=\frac{Fd}{t}=\frac{180lbf\times2.4\times2\pi\times12ft}{1\, min}=32,572\, \frac{ft.lbf}{min}\)

Watt went on to further rounded off this horsepower to come up with an even number that is 33, 000 ft . lbf / min.

How to use an online horsepower calculator?

If an individual wishes to put in to use this online horsepower calculator, then you will have to follow the steps mentioned here – firstly, you will have to enter the force (you would be allowed to select the unit from the drop down list) & in the next step the user must enter the distance (again you can select the unit from the drop down list). Finally enter time (select unit from drop down list) before you click on calculate.