Ideal Gas Law Calculator

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The Ideal Gas Law

The volume used by n number of moles of any gas owns a pressure (P) at a temperature (T) in Kelvin. The connection between these variables, P V=nRT, whereas R is known as the gas constant, it is called as an ideal gas law or equation of state.

Units of an Ideal gas

When it comes to SI units, P is measured in Pascal

Ideal Gas Law Calculator

Temperature(T) =K
Pressure(P) = kpa
Moles of Gas(n) = moles
Volume(V) = moles
Ideal Gas Law X=

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V is measured in cubic meters,

N is measured in moles and T in Kelvin

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Ideal Gas Law Calculator

Ideal Gas Law Calculator is an online tool used for the purpose of calculating Ideal Gas Law in an easy way.  Inputs are taken and calculate the Ideal Gas Law, so it is useful for solving problems demanding Ideal Gas Law Calculations. Ideal Gas Law Calculator is used to find the pressure, volume and temperature of a gas.

Levels for Ideal gas Law Calculator

Here are some of the steps used to find the formula of the ideal gas law

General Gas Equation: PV=nRT

Pressure of the gas (P) =nRT/V

Volume (V) =nRT/P

Temperature (T) = PV/nR

Moles of Gas (n) = PV/RT


P= Pressure of the gas

V=Volume of the gas, n= Moles of the gas, T= is the absolute temperature of the gas,

R = 8.314 J K-1 mol-1, ideal gas constant.

Problems on Ideal Gas Law Calculator

Here are some of the problems on Ideal Gas Law Calculator are given below:

Find the volume from the 0.361 moles gas at 300 kPa and 400K temperature?

Here it’s clearly given that

The pressure of the gas (P) = 300 kPa,

Moles of gas (n) =0.361 moles,

Absolute temperature (T) =400k Volume (V) =?

Find the volume of gas present here

Now, substitute the given values in the formula

Volume (V) =nRT/P

V= (0.361*8.3148400)/300 [Since R=8.314 JK-1 mol-1]

V= 1200.541/300


Answer: Volume (V) =4.002L