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What is the meaning of ideal weight?

Ideal weight is also referred to as the ideal body weight or IBW in medical terms & it is supposed to be the weight which is stated to be the weight for a healthy person. And when it comes to defining the term ideal weight or the ideal body weight then it is generally based on the height. However, there are other factors or aspects as well which will impact this ideal body weight. These factors are age / gender apart from the muscular development.

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Development & origin of ideal weight

It was in the year 1974 that Devine had introduced the ideal body weight & it had been introduced so that the drug clearances can be had especially for the obese patients. Though Devine formula is generally followed to estimate IBW or the ideal body weight still some of the other methods such as the Hamwi method, have come up which speak about the ideal weight or the ideal body weight.

Devine formula

This Devine formula is used to calculate the ideal body weight as far as the adults are concerned & this formula is as follows –

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\(Men=50 \quad Kilograms \quad (110 \quad lb )+2.3 \quad Kilograms(5.1\quad lb)\times (height(in)-60)\)

\(Women=45.5 \quad Kilograms \quad (110 \quad lb )+2.3 \quad Kilograms(5.1\quad lb)\times (height(in)-60)\)

Hamwi method

And as far as the Hamwi method is in question then the formula mentioned below is put in to use –

\(Men=106 \quad pounds \quad (48 \quad kg )+6 \quad pounds(2.7\quad kg)\times (height(in)-60)\)

\(Women=100 \quad pounds \quad (45 \quad kg )+5 \quad pounds(2.3\quad kg)\times (height(in)-60)\)

What is the use of the ideal weight calculator?

Essentially, this ideal body weight calculator is quite useful in sports especially in Olympics. However, one has to keep the fact in mind that the Devine formula is most of the times used for a number of reasons in the medical department. In addition to this, the ideal weight calculator will not only compute the ideal body weight but also the healthy body weight & this is based on the age, height as well as the gender.

How to use an ideal weight calculator?

An individual will now be in a position to use the ideal weight calculator or the ideal body weight calculator without any trouble. All you will have to do is enter your height or you can select the height from the drop down list & then click on the tab that says ‘calculate’. This way one shall get to know as to what their ideal weight is.