Ionic Strength Calculator

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What is Ionic Strength?

The Ionic strength of the given solution is measured by the total concentration of ions used in those solutions. To get an idea about the ionic strength is important to chemists because ions have an electrical charge that helps to attract or repel each other. Both the attraction and repulsion include ions in water and the ions of the solution. Calculate ionic strength uses a mathematical formula that is proposed in the year of 1923 by Peter Debye and Erich Huckel.

The Ionic strength calculator

Ionic strength calculator calculates either of the two equal and total sum of the concentration of every ionic species.

Ionic Strength Calculator

Enter all concentration of the species set separated by comma: mole/L
Enter all valence (or oxidation) of the species set separated by comma:
Ionic Strength(I) :

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Rules for Ionic strength Calculator

Here, are some of the rules to follow the strength of the ionic calculator they are as follows:

Step 1:

Everyone should know that first, they should read the problem understand and identify the given values and form a table.

Step 2:

Apply the ionic strength formula and in order to get the ionic strength value, you need to swap the values.

Difficulties on Ionic Strength Calculator

Calculate the ionic strength of anH3PO4 molar solution.

Step 1:

Create a table with the values given below

Ions Z C Z2
H+ 1 3 1
PO43- 3 1 9

Step 2:  I = 12 [3 × 1 + 1 × 9]

I = 6


The ionic strength of the given solution is 6.