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What is the meaning of length?

Essentially, length happens to be the extended dimension of the object as per the geometric measurements. Moreover, according to the International System of Quantities, length can also be termed to be the quantity which comes along with the dimension distance. However, there are also times when length is stated to be a measured dimension of a certain object.

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An individual will have to keep the fact in mind that the word length, speaks about the measure of a dimension on one hand while on the other hand, area represents the measure of 2 dimensions with volume being the measure of 3 dimensions. Another aspect of this is that the unit of length is widely known as the base unit especially as far as the systems of measurement are in question.

What is length measurement?

When the talk revolves around length measurement, then it is generally implemented in a number of ways in the practise. However, the approaches that are mostly used include not only the transit – time methods but also the interferometer methods which is based on the speed of the light.

Rules related to length measurement

As a standard rule besides it being the best & the simplest kind of tool to measure length is the ruler. On this ruler, lengths are usually defined with the help of either printed marks or even engravings on a stick. In addition to this, meter was defined before other methods came in to the picture.

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What is meant by unit of length?

Distinct or the pre – establish length / distance is known as the unit of length & it usually has the constant magnitude which for the most part is used as either a convention or even a reference so that linear dimensions are expressed clearly.

Formula used to convert feet to meters

If you wish to know the formula that is used to convert feet to meters then you will have to look at the equations mentioned below to understand as to the steps that are followed in the formula –


\(remember \,that\, in\, a\, meter\, there\, are\, 3.28\, feet \)

\(and\, let\, us\, say\, that\, feet\,=\,6 \)

\(thus,\,\frac{6}{3.28}\,=\,1.83\, meters. \)

\(OR \,use\, the\, 2nd\, formula \)

\(because \,in \,a \,foot\, there\, are\, 0.3048\, meters \)

\(6 \times 0.3048\,=\,1.83 \,meters \)

What is the formula used to convert feet to meters?

Formula 1 to convert feet to meters

\(\frac{feet}{3.28 feet}\,=\, meters\, (because \,1 \,meter\,=\,3.28 \,feet) \)


Formula 2 to convert feet to meters

\(feet \times 0.3048 \,meters\,=\,meters \,(because \,1\, foot\,=\,0.3048)\)

Formula to convert meters to feet

\(meters \times 3.28 \,= \,feet\,(because \,1\, meter \,=\,3.28\,feet)\)

How to use a length converter?

To make use of a length converter, you will have to firstly enter the details in the field provided & then select the unit from the drop down list, you can select the unit of the detail you have with the unit that it is to be converted to. Once these steps are completed, you would be in a position to click on the calculate tab to know the result.