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What is meant by logarithm or log?

Logarithm, in mathematics is stated to be the inverse operation to the exponentiation. In other words it means that the logarithm of number turns out to be the exponent to another fixed number or which is also known as the base. An individual will also have to keep the fact in mind that the base has to be raised in order to come up with that number. In addition to this, in most of the cases, logarithm counts happen to be the repeated multiplication.

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Apart from this, the exponentiation permits positive real number to be further raised to any other real power. This would furthermore, turn out to be having positive result for almost all the times & which would assist the logarithm to be calculated for the other 2 positive real numbers such as ‘b’ & ‘x’ wherein b is not equal to 1.

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How to use a log calculator?

If you are looking forward to use a log calculator then it becomes a necessity for you to calculate or to put in to use this log calculator in the right manner hence, you will be required to follow the simple steps to be successful in using this log calculator. In the 1st field, you would have to enter the base apart from the number x. And then click on the calculate tab to get the result.

Log / logarithm rules

  1. Logarithm product rule is \(log_{{b}}(x\times y)=log_{{b}}(x)+log_{{b}}(y)\)
  2. Logarithm quotient rule is log_{b}\((\frac{x}{y})=\)\(log_{{b}}(x)-log_{{b}}(y)\)
  3. Logarithm power rule is \(log_{{b}}\)\( (x^{y})\)=\(y\times log_{{b}}(x)\)
  4. Logarithm base switch rule is \(log_{{b}}(c)=\)\(\frac{1}{log_{c}(b)}\)
  5. Logarithm base change rule is \(log_{{b}}(x)=\)\(\frac{log_{c}(x)}{log_{c}(b)}\)
  6. Derivative of the logarithm is \(f(x)=log_{{b}}(x)\Rightarrow f{‘}(x)= \)\(\frac{1}{(x \quad ln(b))}\)
  7. Infinity logarithm is \(lim \quad log_{{b}}(x)=\)\(\infty\) ,When \(x\to\infty\)