Malaysian Immigration Point Calculator

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Malaysian Government came up with a new process of Immigration policy.  They have come up with an attractive offer in the Category No.3 is helpful to the people who register a company in Malaysia.  People who are of 3 years experience are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence. It is nothing but, when you register your company and get a work permit as “Company Director” or in any high position in work permit. Therefore, after 3 years you would be able to apply for Malaysian PR at the base of 3 years experience in the work in any private company.

How many categories to apply Malaysian PR?

You can see 5 categories to apply for Malaysian Permanent Residence.  Among all the 5 categories, category no.3 is for those who have an experience of 3 years in their work may in private or in their own company in Malaysia. If you’re is a registered company in the Malaysian government, and get a work permit as “Company Director” which belongs to the high category of work permit called “professional Employment Pass” or DP10 visa. However, you are eligible to apply after 3 years for Malaysian Permanent Residence.

Malaysian immigration points calculator

Age *
Relationship in Malaysia*
Period of stay in Malaysia *
Highest academic qualification *
Field for highest academic qualification*
Working Experience (in years)*
Value of Investment in Malaysia (If applicable)
a) Investment in business
b) Investment in real estate property
c) Having Fixed Deposit, Saving Deposit, Bond, Trust Unit in local bank more than 1 year
d) Provide job opporturnity to Malaysians
Proficiency in Malay Language*
Disclaimer * Please take note that this assesment tool is only to show your possible points score. Should you wish to apply for an Entry Permit, it will not guarantee a successful application. Successful application depends on your complete application and supporting evidences submitted to the Immigration Department.
Total points:

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Entry Permit and Permanent Residency

  1. Permanent Residency in Malaysia
  • Permanent Residency status in Malaysia is offered to any foreign citizen who is under the Immigration Act and Regulations of 1959/63.
  • Any Foreign citizen who accepts their permanent resident status will be issued an Entry Permit and Identification Card (MyPR).
  • All the citizens from the foreign countries who have a Permanent Resident status will be excused from all the demands of visa to enter and remain in Malaysia.
  1. Rights as a Permanent Resident in Malaysia

Permanent Resident in Malaysia is eligible to the right to:

  • Candidates have to stay and continue in Malaysia without any time limit.
  • Applicants can work and do their business in Malaysia.
  • Buy any property in any part of Malaysia.
  • Get excused from all Visa and immigration requirements to enter and exit in Malaysia.
  1. Responsibilities as a Permanent Resident in Malaysia
  • Have a Permanent Resident in Malaysia.
  • Duties to observe the law of Malaysia at the times.
  • Restricted from being involved in any political party and association.
  1. New Eligibility Regulations for Permanent Resident status


  1. Individual Investors with a minimum USD 2 million Fixed Deposit (FD) in Malaysia (High Net worth Individual).
  • Candidates would come up with a Fixed Deposit Account with a minimum amount of USD 2 million at any bank in Malaysia have to withdrawal only after five years.
  • Candidates spouse and children who are under 18 years old are also eligible to be granted for Permanent Resident Status after 5 years to stay in Malaysia.
  • Applications must be submitted to the State Immigration Office. Let us check for Australia immigration point calculator 
  1. Experts (Highly Talented and High Skilled Individual)
  • Applicants who are with talent and skills recognized as “World Class” by any International Organization will be considered.
  • Candidates are referred by any agency in Malaysia.
  • The applicant has to submit a Certificate of Good Conduct from the country of Origin. Thus, approval of Permanent Resident status will be given within 24 hours and this will happen after submission of application.
  • Candidates must be submitted to the Immigration Department Headquarters in Putrajaya.
  1. Professional
  • Professional in any fields with their skills.
  • Working in any government agency or private company in Malaysia for a minimum period of three years and certified by the relevant agency in Malaysia.
  • They will get an approval of permanent resident will be given within one month.
  • All the applications are submitted at State Immigration Office.
  1. Spouse to Malaysian Citizen
  • Married to a Malaysian who is staying for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • Who issued a Long Term Visits Pass and stay continuously in Malaysia for a period of 5 years?
  • Require to have 1 Malaysian sponsors.
  • The application must be submitted at a State Immigration Office.
  1. Application for Permanent Resident through Point Based System
  • Applicants are open to all the Foreign National except for foreigner under category 1,2,3,4.
  • Candidates need to get minimum of 65 points out of 120 and those who gained 65 points will be eligible and issued an entry permit.
  • Criteria and Description for Points system is an attachment.
  • Requires submitting certificates of Good conduct from the country of origin.


  1. How to Apply
  • Candidates have to submit all the forms to the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya for category no.2 or Any State Immigration Office for Category No.1, No.3, No.4 and No.5.
  • By submitting an application, the individual candidate and his sponsor are required to attend an interview at the Immigration Department.
  • Recommendation from a particular Agency in Malaysia except for Spouse of Malaysia Citizens (Category No. 4) and application through point Based system (category No.5) must submit upon the application.

Point System for Permanent Status in Malaysia

Use this Point System Calculator to calculate how many points you may gain, and indicates whether you may be eligible to apply for an Entry Permit under the point system

Criteria Description Points
A.      Age 18-35 years

36-60 years



B.      Academic or Professional Qualification  

·         PhD

·         Master Degree

·         Professional

·         University


·         Diploma (Take whichever higher)

Critical Field
















C.      Language Proficiency ·         Bahasa Malaysia 10
D.      Staying Period ·         More than 5 years 10
E.       Kinship Ties Close Family Member living in Malaysia whose:

·         Each child

·         Parents

·         Each other

Family member(sibling, uncle, auntie)















Maximum 30 points





F. Investment in Malaysia

·         Investment in Business 1.       Points for every RM 100,000(max 5 points)
·         Investment in Properties 1 points for every RM 100,000(max 5 points)
·         Money in the bank(maturity more than 1 year) 1 points for every RM 100,000(max 5 points)
·         Provide employment opportunities to Malaysian More than 100 employees 15 points

51-100 employees-10 points

30-50 employees-5points (max 30 points)


G. Employment

·         Employment in accordance with professional qualification

e.g. A doctor practice in the medical field or an engineer working as a Plant Engineer

1 point for every 1 year of working experience with a maximum of 10 points.
H. Cancellation ·         Criminal offences

·         Misrepresentation

·         Other law offences