Mass Calculator

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Mass in physics means that it is the property of a said physical body wherein it is stated to be the measure of the object’s resistance to the acceleration when the force is applied. And here, acceleration means that it is the change in the state of motion. In addition to this, mass determines the strength of the mutual gravitational attraction to the other bodies.

Mass Calculator


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When the theory of relativity is in question then the term mass – energy is used quite often. However, as far as the SI unit of mass is concerned then it is said to be kg or kilogram. One has to also understand the fact that this mass is not similar to that of the weight even when the object’s mass is calculated by measuring the weight with the help of a spring scale.

Let us take the example of an object which is on the Moon. When the object is on the Moon, it would weigh less when compared to its weight on the Earth however the mass of the said object remains the same now let it be on the moon or on the Earth.

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Formula for mass

Mass can be calculated when not only the density but also the volume of the object is known. And the formula to calculate mass has been mentioned below –

\(mass =p\times v\)

In the above formula, v is volume & p is the density.

How to use a mass calculator?

If you wish to make use of the mass calculator then the 1st thing to be done is that you will have to enter both the density & the volume which are there with you. After this you should click on the tab that says calculate to know as to what is the mass of that particular object.