Metric Converter – Introduction

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What is a metric system?

A system of measurement that too with the length which is based on the meter / mass or the weight on the gram & whose capacity (that is the volume) depends on litre is known as the metric system. Furthermore, this metric system is used across the world. The metric units are based on the decimal groups which are in turn the multiples of 10.

Origin & development of metric system

The metric system was actually developed as well as introduced for the 1st time in France in the year 1791. In addition to this, earlier, this metric system was essentially based on 2 quantities namely – weight & length. While both gramme & metre were well – known as the basic units. And by the late 19th & the early 20th century, there were a number of metric systems which were being used. Hence, we can say that this metric system was not used by all the countries but with time & some changes this metric system came to be used all around the world.

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The official term related to the system of measurement which is used by most of the countries is known as the SI or the International System of Units. Though metric system has with time been amended a number of times apart from being improved, still when looked at it carefully, we can notice that basic concepts of this metric system have remained unchanged ever since its origin.

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How is a metric converted?

Before, you move ahead with the formula to help you convert the metric units, you will be required to understand & remember the commonly used metric prefixes. Though some of these below given metric units might seem to ring a bell, still it would be an added advantage if you go through the list once.

\(Kilo – 1,000\, times\, larger\)

\(Hecto \,- \,100 \,times\, larger\)

\(Deca \,- \,10 \,times\, larger \)


\(Deci \,- \,10 \,times\, smaller\)

\(Centi \,- \,100 \,times\, smaller\)

\(Milli \,- \,1000 \,times\, smaller\)

There are also those times when you may not remember all these units, hence to help you with this, 1 line that is related to metric units & will certainly help you to remember the things.

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If you notice the sentence above, then the 1st letter of each word is the 1st word of the metric unit which has been given on this page above. Moreover, the units have been listed from the largest to the smallest units apart from ‘U’ which is unit or can be stated to be the metric base unit like that of meter or litre or grams among others.

How to use online metric converter?

To make use of this online metric converter, you will have to first select the unit that is there & which it is to be converted in to. Users can select the unit from the drop down list. Enter the details to know the result.

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