Molality Calculator

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What is Molality?

Molality is nothing but molal concentration and is a measure of the concentration of solute in a solution with regards of substance in a specified amount of mass of the solvent. The changes in the definition of molality are based on a particular volume of given solution.

Units of Molality

The Sl unit for molality is moles per kilogram.

Molality Calculator

Number of moles of solute: mol
Weight of solvent in kg: kg
Molality(M): mol/kg
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Molality Calculator

Molality Calculator helps to control the amount of solute that dissolved in a given quantity of solvent or solution.

Methods for Molality Calculator

Step 1:

Basically, you need to read the problem carefully and find out the values given for the moles of the solute and weight of the solvent.

Step 2:

Use the molality formula and substitute the given values in order to get the molality value.

Molality (M)= (Number of moles of solute)/(Weight of solvent in kg )

Stpe3:  Check whether the molality values are in a fixed unit.

Problems on Molality Calculator

Concentrated HCl is of 37% by weight; calculate the molality of the solution.

Step 1:

Take the data of 100g solution contains 37g HCl.

Hence weight of solvent= (100-37) =63g

Step 2:

Molality=W/MX1000/(Weight of solvent)

= 37/36.5X1000/63

Step 3:

When it comes to step 3 molality is stated as 16.09 mol/kg


The molality of the given concentrated HCL solution is of 16.09 mol/kg