Nernst Equation Calculator

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Nernst Equation

When it comes to electrochemistry, The Nernst equation is an equation that helps to decrease the potential of an electrochemistry reaction to all the standards of the electrode potential, temperature and all the activities that experience the reduction and oxidation.

Nernst Equation Calculator

The Nernst Equation Calculator calculates the electromagnetic force the cells of the substance that undergoes the reaction and products of the cell reactions. Temperature gives support to impact the Nernst potential that helps to develop across a membrane of two standard principles.

Nernst Equation at Room Temperature

Standard Half-Cell Reduction Potential(E∘):volt
Number of Moles of Electrons Transferred in the Cell(n):
Chemical Activity for the Reductant Species(aRed) :
Chemical Activity for the Oxidant Species(aOx) :
Reduction Potential(E)=volt

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Nernst Equation Calculator calculates the Nernst equations that are of at room temperature E0. Therefore the standard half-cell reduction potential is E0, z= No of moles that moves to the cells,

Chemical activity for the reduction of the species ared and other chemical activities that help for the oxidation species ared that is given below.

 Rules for Nernst Equation calculator

Firstly you need to read the problem and list out the quantity which is required

Use the formula and calculate

E=E0 log10     

Whereas E0= standard Half cell reductions potential

Z= No of moles transferred to the cell

ared= chemical Activity for the reductions species

aox= chemical Activity for the Oxidation species

By substituting the values, we are going to get the best result.

Issues on Nernst Equation Calculator

The Emf of the following cells is:

Zn|Zn2 (1M) |Ag+ (1M)Ag

Find out the reduction potential for this if E0Ag+/Ag= -0.5 V and EoMg2+/Mg=+1v.


Given: EoAg+/Ag=-0.5V

Eo Mg2+/Mg = + 1V

Eo=Eo Ag+/Ag + Eo  Mg2+/Mg= 0.5 + 1 = 1.5 V

Chemical Activity for the reduction species (ared) = 1

Chemical Activity for the oxidation species (aoxi) = 1.

Step 2: 

Reduction Potential is

E = Eo –  log10     

= 1.5 –  log10

= 1.5 – 0.02958 × 0.

= 1.5 – 0.

= 1.5 V.

Answer:  The Reduction Potential Eo = 1.50 V.