Normality Calculator

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Normality is used to indicate the concentration of the solution. Normality is defined as the gram equivalent weight used as per liter of solution. Normality is a solution that is equal to the morality that can be multiplied by the number of equivalents.

Normality of N states that the number of gram equivalent of solute per liter of solution. The concentration of the solution in volumetric calculations is often expressed in terms of normality.

Normality Calculator

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Normality is defined as the number of the equivalents of solute per liter of solution.

Methods for Normality Calculator

Step 1:

Read the given problem carefully and identify all the values given in the problem.


Apply normality formula and to get the normality values you need to substitute all the values.

Normality = (Equivalent of solute)/(Liters of solution)


Problems on Normality Calculator

What is the normality of a solution of sulfuric acid when 0.248mol dissolved in 250.0mL of solution?

Step 1:  Equivalent of solute = 0.248 mol × 2 equivalents mol

Liters of solution = 250mL = 0.250L.

Step 2:  Normality =(0.248 molX 2 equivalents mol)/0.250L

Normality= 1.98N


Normality of the solution is 1.98N.