Partial Pressure Calculator

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Partial Pressure

In a mixture of gases, each and every gas has its own partial pressure which is the existing pressure of that gas. It is occupied by the complete volume of the original mixture at the same temperature. The total pressure of an ideal gas mixture is the sum of the partial pressures of the gases in the mixture.

Partial Pressure Calculator

Pressure is the force per unit area that acts on the walls of the container. Partial pressure is all about the pressure applied by the gas when only when the gas alone present in container.

Partial Pressure Calculator

Mole Fraction and Henry Law Constant
Mole Fraction of the Solute (x)=
Henry Constant for Mole Fraction (kH) = atm
Partial Pressure (p) =atm

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Henry’s constant kH with different units are given below in the table which helps in doing the manual calculations.

Element Henry Constant kH in Henry Constant kH in atm
O2 769.23 4.259 × 104
H2 1282.05 7.099 × 104
Co2 29.41 0.163 × 104
N2 1639.34 9.077 × 104
He 2702.7 14.97 × 104
Ne 2222.22 12.3 ×× 104
Ar 714.28 3.955 × 104
Co 1052.63 5.828 × 104

Methods for Partial Pressure Calculator

Step 1:

First, read the given problem and list out all the given quantities.

Step 2:

Two formulas to calculate the partial pressure P

If the concentration of the solute is given use the formula

 p = kH C

Where kH = Henry’s law Constant,

C is the Concentration of the Solute.

If mole fraction of the solute is given then

p = kH x

Where kH = Henry’s law Constant

x = Mole fraction of the Solute.

Substituting the values in the formula, we get the answer.

Problems on Partial Pressure Calculator

Find the Partial pressure of N2 containing 0.75 mol in a given mixture?

Step 1:  Given: Concentration of solute C = 0.75 mole

Henry Constant for mole fraction for N2, kH = 9.077 × 104 atm.

Step 2: Since the Concentration of the solute is given we use the formula:

p = kH C

= 9.077 × 104 × 0.75

= 6807.75 atm.


Therefore, the Partial pressure for N2 is 6807.75  atm.