Percentage Calculator

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What is the meaning of percentage?

Generally, in mathematics, percentage happens to be either a ratio or a number which is in most cases expressed as the fraction of 100. In addition to this, a percentage is well – known as the pure number or a dimensionless number. Percentage is usually represented by the percent sign which is ‘%’ or has other acronyms such as ‘pct’ which is also known as the ‘pc’ sometimes.

Percentage Calculator

What is% of ?

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How to use a percentage calculator?

Using a percent calculator is quite easy as all you would be required to do is follow a few steps to get the result of the calculations. Remember that the 1st field which you will come across has the number (percent) of what percent of the following number. In other words, in the 1st block, one has to enter a particular number which is to be followed by the following number (of percent). Then click on the tab that reads ‘calculate’.

What is the formula to calculate percentage?

Calculating percentage is very easy when we use the math equation. The formula has been given in detail below. However, every user who will be making use of the percentage calculator will have to keep the simple fact in mind that too before using the percentage calculator is that the values to be entered in the percentage calculator equation are correct because if the values are anywhere wrong then the answer could be a different one or it can also be wrong.

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Basic equation to calculate percentage

Calculating percentage can from now on will never be a tough task as we have not only put forth a tool for calculating percentage but also have mentioned in this article the formula to calculate the percentage with the help of a mathematical equation. Thus, it would help the user to calculate the percentage without any trouble or for that matter with no trouble (only). In addition to this, one can notice that immediately after the percentage calculator equation, we have given an example for better understanding of the percentage calculator formula.

What is the formula to calculate the percentage?

(\frac{A}{100})\, \times B\, = \, C\)

(For an example,) let us consider A to be 25 & B to be 20 then we will have to find out the value of C. In order to find the value of C, the above given formula to calculate the percentage is put in to use. And as per the above stated percentage formula, the following equations follow –

\( E.g.\, \, \, \, C=\,\frac{A}{100}\)\, \times B \)

\(\Rightarrow\, C=\,\frac{25}{100}\)\, \times 20 \)

\( \Rightarrow\, C=\,\frac{1}{4}\)\, \times 20 \)

\(\Rightarrow\, C=\,\frac{1}{4}\, \times 20 \)

\( \Rightarrow\, C=\,5 \)

Hence, using the simple percentage calculator, one will be able to find the result of the percentage. An individual will also have to keep it in mind that they will be also be able to solve / get to know the percentages of any number they wish to. That is the reason that many people prefer this percentage calculator which is not only free to use but also simple.