Point Calculator for American Immigration

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People who are not the citizens of the country or who does not have their own residency in the country. In order to settle, reside, study or work in the country they need a visa. This article will give the details about the U.S immigration points system.  Thus, explains how a Merit-Based Green Card would work.

US Merit-Based Immigration

Point Calculator for American Immigration

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In order to avoid the illegal immigration and make it legal immigration U.S came up with a new idea to introduce a Merit-Based Immigration Bill.  Many countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, in the same manner, U.S also decided to implement a merit-based immigration technique. Therefore, this leads to candidates who are interested to apply visa need to fulfill all the requirements and pass the entrance points to receive a merit-based visa.

What is the Merit-Based Immigration?

Merit-based immigration is nothing but an application process to get a U.S Green Card and these can be situated on the achievements that the candidates have. This includes the candidate’s demographics, education, job prospects.

U.S the suggested bills are named as Reforming American Immigration for strong Employments Act or the RAISE Act. RAISE Act plays an important role in assigning each applicant a positive number of points that are based on their qualifications.

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In this Act, they clearly explained that the candidate needs to score at least 30 points and those are to qualify for a Green Card in the U.S.

The RAISE Act main aim is to restrict the number of visas issued each year. By introducing a new bill, the maximum points are based on the visas and those are issued during a financial year and should not exceed more than 140,000 visas. Out of these visas, not more than 50,000 visas should not be foreigners and it will be in the hands of the president to decide how many can be given to asylum applicants. If they exceed the limit then the immigration authorities have right to delay these applicants and give them merit-based visas in the next economic year.

How had Merit-Based Immigration Points Given to candidates?

Based on the requirements mentioned in the form, you can calculate how many points candidates need to gain and qualify for Merit-Based Green Card. This will help U.S Green Card Points Calculator and Points are distributed to each and every category those are given below:


  • Age
  • Education
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Extraordinary Achievement
  • Job Offer
  • Intention to Invest in the US



The age divides all the group of people depending on their age and allots points to them as given below:

Age Points


Between 0 to 17 They are not eligible
18 to 21 6 points
26 to 30 10 points
31 to 35 8 points
36 to 40 6 points
41 to 45 4 points
46 to 50 2 points
51+ 0 points


People who are between the ages of 22 to 35 will obtain a higher amount of points in this point based system. This happens because people of this age group value more for the working economy because they are not young to stay in their native workplace, nor old to stop working for the U. S economy.


Education points are divided based on the higher education degree which the candidate has, it may be foreign or a U.S degree.





Highest Educational Degree Points
U.S high school diploma or equivalent 1 point
Foreign Bachelor’s Degree 5 points
U.S Bachelor’s Degree 6 points
Foreign Master’s Degree in STEM 7 points
U.S Master’s Degree in STEM 8 points
Foreign Professional Degree or Doctorate Degree in STEM 10 points
U.S Professional Degree or Doctorate Degree in STEM 13 points


This category explains you clearly that it has a possibility to get Green Card. The higher your education, the high chances for you to immigrate to U.S.


English language proficiency

The candidate needs to prove himself that he or she is proficient in English and better they can score on the proficiency tests. All the points are distributed on the ranking with higher grades.

English Language Rank in Deciles Points
1st through 5th Deciles 0 points
6th and 7th Deciles 6 points
8th Deciles 10 points
9th Deciles 11 points
10th Deciles 12 point


Extraordinary Achievements

The RAISE Act will give extra points to only those who are with extraordinary achievements.  30 points are to qualify to apply for a green card.

Extraordinary Achievements


Nobel Laureate or comparable recognition 25 Points
Individual Olympic medal or first place in a comparable international sporting event 15 Points


Job offer/highly compensated employment

Job offer/highly compensated employment




Annual salary offered is at least 150% but less than 200% of the median household income in the state of employment 5Points
Annual salary offered is at least 200% but less than 300% of the median household income in the state of employment 8 points


If job is sponsor than your visa will be paid you more than the median household income in the state where you are employed.


Investment and active management of new enterprise

Investment and active management of new enterprise  Points


Investment of at least $ 1.35 million but less than $ 1.8 million in a U.S New Commercial Enterprise (NCE), Maintain the investment for three years and play an active role in managing the NCE primary occupation  6 Points
Investment of at least $ 1.8 million in a U.S NCE; maintain the investment for three years and play an active role in managing the NCE as primary occupation  12 Points


If candidates want to invest in the U. S economy and get the merit-based visa, the U.S immigration officials will check up on you to promise that you are maintaining the investment. If you are not interested to maintain the investment or your management role based on the conditions that are above, then you may lose the merit-based visa.