Points-based calculator for China

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The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs launched many new services on WeChat used to calculate scores of Chinese work permit. Therefore, Government launched new work permit services on WeChat. This article will help to learn how to calculate the points in order to get immigration to China.

What is Chinese Work Permit Points Scoring System?

People who want to immigrate to China need to write a test and first, we need to know fully about the Chinese work permit scoring system. The total points to score in the system are 100 points. Thus,   foreigners are divided into three different categories (A, B and C) and these are representing groups with different chances of receiving the work permit from the government. Check for Hong Kong Point based calculator click here

China immigration points calculator

Annual Salary(CNY):
Work experience:
Annual working time(MONTHS):
Chinese Level:
Location of employment (in China):
Extra credit(expertise):
Encouraged points from Privincial Government:
Total points:
Result (Tier category):
Tier A: > 84 points
Your are a Tier A expat - approximately 16 percent of expats qualify for this tier. You qualify for a “green channel” application, meaning you can enjoy expedited approval times and are not required to apply using original paper work. You may enjoy long permit validity and a more comfortable work status once in China.
Tier B: 60-84 points
You are a Tier B expat - approximately 61 percent of expats qualify for this tier. You are required to apply for your permit with original documents and may experience longer processing time than Tier A expats. Additionally, your permit may have a shorter validity period; however, this will not be unreasonably short, and will allow for longer periods working within China.
Tier C: < 60 points
You are a Tier C expat - Approximately 22 percent of expats fall into this tier. Your work in China will be short-term, or subject to government quotas and labor market demand. Additionally, permit processing times may be longer than those of Tier A and Tier B expats.

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Quick Overview

Working Visa (Z): Visa is required in China for the purpose of working with a validity of 30 days.  This document will help you to replace by the Resident Permit within 30 days from the date you entered.

Foreigner’s Work Permit:

Documents are delivered in China to all the foreign workers after finishing all the formalities with the local authorities.

Resident Permit:

Documents are replaced the working Visa on the passport in order to remain the country and travel without keeping any restrictions during the time of employment.

China’s New Working Permit’s Points System

Based on the previous systems all the foreigners are allowed to apply for two different types of work permits.

1) Employment license for a foreign employee is given by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

2) The foreign work permit is given for individuals those are classified as talented in their field and provided by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA).

After April 1st, 2017, a work permit is divided into A, B or C and these points systems are applied by the government. Therefore, the points system is based on the educational backgrounds, Chinese language proficiency, salary, working location, etc. As a result, the grading system for foreign workers will follow the following structure.

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Qualifications Standards Points
Direct Qualification Be selected to the National Talent Plan or International acknowledged professional contribution standards  

Be in the encouraged industry or position
Innovative and entrepreneurial talent and excellent young talents



Annual Salary(CNY)

Highest 20

≥ 450,000 20
350,000-450,000 17
250,000-350,000 14
150,000-250,000 11
70,000-150,000 8
50,000-70,000 5
< 50,000 0


Highest 20

Doctor or equivalent 20
Master or equivalent 15
Bachelor or equivalent 10
Related Working Years

Highest 20

For≥years, adds one point by each year Highest 20
2 years 5
< 2 years 0
Annual Working Time


Highest 15

≥9 months 15
6-9 months 10
3-6 months 5
< 3 0


Chinese level

Highest 5

< Chinese related major bachelor or equivalent 5
Former Chinese citizen 5
Hsk 5 5
Hsk 4 4
Hsk 3 3
Hsk 2 2
Hsk 1 1
Working Area

Highest 10

Western China 10
North East China or old industrial areas in china 10
Poor areas in China 10



Highest 15

18-25 10
26-45 15
46-55 10
56-60 5
>60 0

Highest 5

Graduated from world-top 100 universities 5
Work experience in Fortune Global 500 companies 5
You own patent or intellectual property 5
You continuously work in China over 5 years 5
Encouraged Points from Provincial Government Shortage talents of local social and economic 0-10


Work Visa Categories Sections

Type A: over 85 points, or High-Talent/ Experts

  • Identified for achievements in academia, business, entertainment, or sports and/ or holds a positive of authority.
  • They have known for their entrepreneurial or original talent by his peers.
  • People who are graduated in 200 top university or awarded a PhD from a famous and certified Chinese University.

Type B: Over 60 points, or professional talent

  • You carry a Bachelor’s degree with two years of work experience.
  • Candidates must graduate with a master’s degree from either Chinese University or from the top 200 universities around the globe.

Type C: Below 60 Points: Unqualified Workers

  • Type C worker is rejected by the points system.