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What is the meaning of power?

Essentially the word power has many meanings but when it comes to physics, then the rate of doing work is known as power. Moreover, it is said to be the amount of energy which is consumed per unit time. Power is also said to be a scalar quantity as it does not have direction. On this page one will not only be able to find the formulae related to power but will also be able to make use of the power conversion tool.

Power Converter

Work (W): Joule
Time (T): Sec
Power (P): Watts

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What is the unit of power?

According to the SI system, joule per second or the J / s is the unit of power. This unit of power is also known as the watt & the word has been given in honour of the 18th – century developer of steam engine, James Watt. Furthermore, there is one more common as well as traditional measure as far as the unit of power is in question & it is stated to be horsepower. The reason for such a statement is that it is compared to that of the power of a horse.

Formulae related to power

\( P=\frac{W}{t}\)

\(OR \)

\( p(t)=\frac{W}{t}\)

As work is nothing but force that is applied over some distance, the above equation can also be written in the following manner –

\(p(t)=\frac{W}{t}=\frac{F\, . \, d}{t} \)

On the other hand, distance per unit time turns out to be the velocity thus power can be written as –

\( p(t)=F\, . \, v\)

And if the 2nd law of Newton is considered which essentially states that force is mass x acceleration, then the power’s equation would be –

\( p(t)=mv.\frac{dv}{dt}\)

However, when you compare the above stated equation with that of the kinetic energy then the equation which comes up is something like the one stated below –

\( E_k=\frac{1}{2}mv^2\)

Power generally is in need of not only change as far as the physical universe is concerned but also a certain time when the change happens. Hence, it turns out to be a bit different when work is also in question. The reason is that work is measured keeping in view the net change that too in a state of the physical universe.

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Formula for average power –

\(P_{avg}=\frac{\Delta W}{\Delta t} \)

Instantaneous power equation is

\( P_{avg}=\lim_{\Delta\rightarrow0}P_{avg}=\lim_{\Delta \rightarrow 0}\frac{\Delta W}{\Delta t}=\frac{dW}{dt}\)

However, when the constant power P is in question then the amount of work done in a period of time T is known by the following equation –

\( W=Pt\)

Note: Whenever the talk revolves around the energy conversion, then we generally use E & not W.

How to use a power converter?

If you wish to make use of an online power converter then you would be required to select the quantity which has to be converted & enter the details in the field provided. In the following step, you should select the unit in which the number entered is to be converted before you click on the tab that reads convert. Thus, in the above stated manner, a power conversion tool works.