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Pregnancy is a term which is also known as the gestation or gravidity (period) & it is said to be the time when either one or more than that offspring develops in the womb. Usually, a pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks from the time LMP or the last menstrual period while it ends in the childbirth. One can also term it to be over 9 lunar months where every month accounts for 29 & a half days. However, when it is measured from the conception, it is stated to be around 38 weeks.

Pregnancy Calculator

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What is an embryo & foetus?

An embryo said to be the developing offspring which is for the 1st eight weeks & conception follows these weeks whereas foetus or fetus is the term which is used up until the birth.


A pregnancy is generally divided in to 3 trimesters such as the following – (1) 1st trimester starts from week 1 & goes till 12th week & this is inclusive of the conception. Moreover, this 1st trimester is also said to be having the highest risk of miscarriages (miscarriage means the natural death of either the embryo or a fetus). While the 2nd trimester starts from week 13 & ends in 28th week. Essentially, at this 28 weeks, above 90 % of the babies are able to survive outside the uterus only if high – quality medical care is provided. Finally the 3rd trimester is stated to be from 29 weeks & goes up to 40 weeks.

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How to calculate due date?

The first & the foremost question that comes to a woman who is pregnant is the due date. Generally date of conception may to a great extent be not known. However, if you wish to calculate the due date then it is certainly dependant on the date of LMP or the last menstrual period & this is the time even before a pregnancy test reads positive.

However, an individual will have to remember the fact that this due date is only said to be the approximate time as to when will the baby (new born) arrive in this world. Another aspect is that for the most part, only 5 % on an average are born on their due date. However, having knowledge about this due date becomes quite essential so that progress or in other words, development of a baby can be monitored without giving a miss to the care of the baby.

Formula used to calculate pregnancy

With the help of Naehele’s rule, EDD or the expected date of delivery is known. EDD is also called EDC which is the acronym for estimated date of confinement. Formula to calculate pregnancy has been given below –

\( add \, 1 \,year \, to \, LMP \, then \, subtract \, 3 \, months \, and \, add \, 7days \, to \, the \, date \)

\( the \, result \, is \, approximately \, 40 \, weeks \, or \, 280 \, days \, and \, this \, is \, in \, the form \, the \, start \, of \, the \, LMP\)

To use an online pregnancy calculator, you will have to enter the details in the fields marked & get the result.