Privacy Policy

This page has all the privacy policy rules of calculators converters website. Here on calculators converters website will be referred as ‘we’, ‘the company’, ‘this site’, ‘this website’, ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘site’, ‘the site’, ‘the website’ etc.

Use of cookies in calculators converters

This website uses cookies which improve experience at our site. However these cookies are not harmful so you do not worry about them. Another important thing here is that cookies do not store or save passwords and if you do not know what are cookies then keep reading.

Whenever you browse net or go to a website then cookies will be placed on computer or other device through which you are browsing the net. No information of users of our site links to these cookies so you do not take tension about that also.

Privacy policy points

  • We do not collect any personal information of visitors of this site
  • If at all we take information from visitors, users or readers of our website then it will be only to improve user experience


We do not sell information of users to third party therefore your information will not be lost or go in to wrong hands. Finally we never collect and never ask you to give any personal data on this site.

No registration fee for use of calculators converters site

There is no registration fee for services provided by this site but we can never guarantee accuracy of contents on this site.

For further details

In case you wish to get some more details then you can get them or you can also reach us at info@calculators-converters.com for further clarification or information on the site.