Radioactive Decay Calculator

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Radioactive Decay

Radioactive Decay is a process by which a changeable atomic nucleus which loses its energy by emitting radiation, such as alpha particle, a beta particle with a neutrino. The radioisotope is an unstable nucleus which does not have sufficient binding energy that helps to hold the nucleus at one place.

Radioactive Decay Calculator

Radioactive decay calculator is an online calculator helps to find the radiation activity. Decay is the most prominent isotopes used in chemical and medicine. It is exposed in the year of n1896 by Becquerel; he discovered uranium radioactivity and a unit of radioactivity, corresponding to 3.7 × 1010 disintegrations per second. They came up with tree decay those are α, β and γ decay. Radioactive decay phenomena give many important messages.

Radioactive Decay Calculator

Enter Initial Activity(A0)=J
Enter Decay Time (t)=J
Enter Half Life (T1/2)=J
Final Activity (A)=

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Even though the radioactive decay constant are autonomous of temperature and pressure, the use of the radiogenic daughter in a mineral totally depends on temperature.

Measures for Radioactive Decay Calculator


First, we need to read the given problem and understand the values which are given below.


Enter all the values of isotopes in the first calculator and then need to find all the half-life value.


Substitute all the values of half-life and the given values in the formula are to find out the radioactive decay.


Radioactive decay calculation example

Calculate the final radioactivity of Cobalt 57 isotope whose initial activity is 6.8 and the decay time is 0.86

Step 1:

Given data,

Initial activity (Ao) =6.8

Decay time (t)=0.86)

Step 2:

The half life values for the Cobalt 57 and as per isotopes are calculated for 270 days.

T=270 days

Step 3:

Substitute all the values in the given formula.

A= Aoe


                                                                             A = 6.78


The final radioactive decay is A = 6.78